Thursday, January 2, 2014


Today is the day, ya'll. I can no longer call myself a, "twenty-something". It's weird. I had teenage parents, and I remember BOTH my mom and dad turning thirty! It really is just a number, and for anyone else, I would say it isn't a big deal, but when it is yourself, it is a bit weird to say, right?

When you're in your teens, you can't wait to be twenty! And then of course, twenty-one, ha ha. But who says, "oh yay, I am turning thirty!!"?

But I am mostly happy with who I have become. I was a very {very!} unsure person when I started my last decade. I thought I knew it all, when I knew...nothing.

So in honor of my birthday, I thought I'd share...

30. Not everything is about you
29. Tis better to give, than to receive
28. Take time for yourself, sometimes {still struggle with this}
27. Sometimes, a ridiculous night of debauchery is in order; it makes for good memories
26. In friendship, at some point, it becomes about quality versus quantity
25. Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself
24. It doesn't matter what other people think
23. Even if it seems like SO many around you don't get "it", some do {which goes back to #26}
22. Patience is a virtue
21. Because somehow, it all works out in the end
20. Don't rush to be with someone, just because everyone you know has coupled-up. A lot of those people will be single, or divorced by the time you're getting married, or are happily married {thank GOD, I met a guy who was more patient than I was, and taught me to s.l.o.w. down}
19. Possessing etiquette and manners will make an impression and help you in many social situations
18. Don't be afraid to try new things
17. Don't be afraid to try new things, alone
16. Find something that drives you, and work your ass off to do it {even if that means a side biz, while working a full-time corporate job, because as #21 suggests, eventually it all pans out}
15. The older you get, the better quality of booze you shall need for a night out {or I promise, you'll pay the next day!}
14. Naps solve most problems, whether you are three, or thirty
13. Complaining just makes you look ugly {still trying to work very hard on this!}
12. Be true to yourself
11. Confidence is a sexy thing, no matter what your size
10. No one likes a sh!t talker; calm yo' self
9. You're never too old to watch Pretty Little Liars
8. Always trust your instincts
7. Try not to worry what others think
6. You'll know when you have found "the one", no matter how much you try and stubbornly fight it; resistance is futile. Go with it. He loves you just as much {as cheesy as that is}
5. As awkward as it feels, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to grow
4. Being a grown-up is a pain in the ass
3. But the rewards for being said grown-up are SO worth it
2. Appreciate it all {no matter how big, or small}
1. Enjoy the ride

No longer a twenty-something,
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  1. I absolutely love this post! I just turned 30 this past Thanksgiving and I have embraced it with open arms. I am happy to enjoy the ride of life :) Happy 30th Birthday Nichole!

  2. Happy birthday, lady! Great lessons. Particularly #s 1 and 6. :)

  3. I love this! Turning 30 was weird for me too, but not necessarily in a bad way. More just like..."I used to think these people were super old and now I'm one of them." haha.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're one of my favorite people :)

  4. Happy birthday! "Somehow, it all works out in the end" is very similar to my blog's old tagline. And LOL about naps and no one looks pretty complaining!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! this is such a great post and I'll be there in March 2015 yeesh! It feels like forever from now but I know it will just fly by like this last year. Loved 29, 17 and I need to take a page from 10! Although mine is more not talking shit just being a little dramatic and needing to calm down.

  6. It is different when it's you turning 30! I didn't really feel it until this year when I realized I was closer to 40 than 20 ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

  7. Happy Birthday! I hope you do something fun to celebrate it.

    I've got 2 more years…let me know how it is!

  8. 30 is the new 20! happy birthday!

    and coming from a newly 38yr old, life gets better. you're wiser, give less fucks (in my case, zero fucks are given) and are much happier because of said less fucks given. and sleep; sleep will always make me feel better :)

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Happy Happy Birthday sweet friend! :)

  10. Love all these girl and hope your 30th was awesome!!!! xo

  11. Happy belated Birthday, my friend!! I hope you had a WONDERFUL day! Actually, I hope you have a wonderful YEAR! :)
    And #2 is probably my favorite!

  12. Happy Birthday! I turned 30 this past year too... and its not as bad as they make it seem :)