Tuesday, January 7, 2014

...and then she turned 30.

This weekend was another one for the books! We celebrated my birthday with friends,and went to dinner with my family. And of course, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have also noticed Jason and I went to St. Augustine {a week early} for my birthday.

Unfortunately, on my actual birthday, both the Crews' had to work, and Jason was also sick. So I made my own birthday dinner. Such sadness, right? Actually, it was just what I needed. After a Christmas Party, actual Christmas, our trip, NYE, and our upcoming weekend, I wanted nothing more than to just stay in.

Friday, I arrived at work to a decorated cube. Minus the 10,000 pieces of glitter I will inevitably continue to find, I thought it was very sweet of my co-workers to remember me after many of us were out for the holidays {even if it was a day late}.

After work,  Jason and I hightailed to downtown St. Petersburg to attend First Friday with friends. But due to the "freezing" weather that we had Friday...First Friday, where they block the road off, playing live music, and  food and beer vendors, was cancelled. We live in Florida, and while it was cold, a jacket {and adult beverages} would warm us, right away. And so, an impromptu pub crawl with loads of friends was decided!

But not before Jason surprised me with a room for the night at the WaterGarden Inn!

After getting ready, we met our first round of friends at Cask and Ale. Apparently, they just opened last week. I loved the vibe, decor, and style. I felt a little under dressed, as it was a tad hipster, but I would definitely go back.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones wanting to brave the "cold", Friday, as places started to become packed. Our next stop on this tour was to Five Bucks Drinkery. Full of folks, we were able to snag two tables, at least while more friends joined {and others left}, and I sipped some tasty Sea Dog Blueberry Ale.

spot the creepers.
Initially, I thought as I celebrated the next decade, that this night would be full of crazy debauchery that would kill me the following day, but it was more of a chill night with friends. And truth be told, as many stories as my friends, and husband could tell you, I have calmed down, and don't need to act white girl wasted in public. Plus, at twenty-two, that's fun, but at thirty...it's sort of embarrassing.

That doesn't mean my siblings, and a few friends didn't buy me extra drinks at the next stop, Midtown Sundries, where I wanted to die at the thought of it all. But I held my own, uhthankyouverymuch. We stayed at Midtown the longest, since they had pool tables, a hockey game on tv, and actual food that people ordered.

Since we knew come Monday, it was back to clean eating, and all that jazz, Jason and I had a tasty brunch at Salt Rock Tavern.

Much later in the day, and it was time to do the family thing. We had dinner at Grille 54, in Trinity. I had my favorite dish ever, the eggplant stack. Followed by cake; chocolate cake, and nutella cheesecake. Both my mom, and sister made a dessert, without the other one realizing it. Good things calories don't count on your birthday week, right?!

I had a wonderful 30th, and am now bey-ond ready for a bit of routine here, at Casa de Crews.

Thanks again for all the birthday love, friends!

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  1. I would like Nutella cheesecake in my life. Feel free to ship all leftovers to Texas!

    Happy birthday, late! Your office decor is way cute and I LOLed at the white girl wasted not being cute at 30 because I texted the same idea to a friend last night. Cheers to being able to drink without totally embarrassing yourself!

  2. What a great birthday celebration! Sounds like you had a blast! 30 is one for the books and one to remember!

  3. I'm not a beer fan but I love blueberry ale. Glad you had such a great birthday. How sweet of Jason to surprise you!

  4. What a great way to celebrate! Love that it started a weekend early and that your friends and husband are so wonderful to you. Sorry to hear he got sick but it looks like one hell of a Birthday celebration with great company. :)

  5. !!! where did my comment go? did you get it?

  6. YUM the nutella cheesecake. You did it up right for your birthday!

  7. What a wonderful birthday celebration you had!

  8. Looks like a fabulous 30th birthday! I just turned 30 last month and thoroughly enjoyed all the dirty thirty celebrations!

  9. POO TO BLOGGER :( it ate my other witty and funny comment!!

    you did your bday right by celebrating this way! that cheese cake is especially caught my eye!

  10. Friday was fun! I'm glad you enjoyed your shots and didn't puke. ;)

  11. That nutella cheesecake looks so good still! As does the first piece! Is that red velvet?

  12. Cheers to you!!! What a fabulous time. And "white girl wasted"!? I may steal that one. :) I <3 the blueberry ale. HNY!

  13. Looks like you had one amazing 30th birthday girl!!!! xo