Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: Goals

On our last night of vacation {more on that, later}, as we were falling asleep, I asked Jason if he had any goals for the upcoming year. In total Jason fashion, he of course doesn't make goals, other than, "surviving another year of law school", I was told. He makes a valid point.

But for me, I need goals. Or resolutions....tasks. Call it what you like. I need them.

Tomorrow, I turn thirty. In some ways, as I get older I know more of what I want out of life, and how to obtain it. Of course, in other ways I get overwhelmed and wonder what the heck I am doing...but that is how it goes, and at least I can say I have a heck of a lot more confidence as I enter my thirties than I did in my twenties. Afreakingmen, ya'll.

  • Improve this little ol' blog {more, relevant content with better photos}
  • Start a legit side events business {register a business name, create a website, network}
  • Save more/spend less
  • Volunteer
  • Read more
  • Accept things I can't change, and appreciate what I do have
  • Run a 5k {registered for my first one in February 2014!}
  • Lose weight {sigh, always a resolution}
  • Start thinking about babies for real this year {tick tock goes my loud, and annoying biological clock}

What are some of your goals for 2014?

Happy New Year!

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  1. Good luck on your goals this year! I'm putting volunteering on my 2014 goal list too.

  2. I need goals too, and yours look very manageable. Good luck on them this year!

  3. Good goals Nichole!! Are you doing Best Damn Race 5k? Losing weight is always on my list too....

  4. Great goals! I like the accepting things I cannot change. I need to do that more. And yes the losing weight... I am in.

  5. Somehow your blog missed my blog feed. FINALLY figured out why I never saw them there. All is well in the world again!

    Great goals! I can not wait to start running again. If you need a jump start for the weight loss one lemme know I would love to talk to you more about AdvoCare if that is something you are interested in.

  6. accept things you can't change is a great one! but so hard - I need to work on that as well! Happy New Year friend!