Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cruise Recap

I am soooo not ready to be home and back to the job hunt reality, but here I am. That vacay was much needed, and I am so glad we got to go!

J and I (along with his sister and her husband) boarded the Carnival Destiny out of Miami for five days to visit Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Other than the fact that it was hotter than Hades, it was a great time!

Balcony view from our stateroom in Miami

Waiting to leave and start our trip!

**Picture Overload is about to commence: this is your warning**

Our first full day on board, was a day at sea. We all just kind of hung out, saw some shows and lounged. I did go to the gym with hubs (I *so* wanted to take a pic showing my ass was at the gym on VACATION, but Jason would have killed me) and also dragged the SIL this mini martini tasting.

Day #2, we arrived in Jamaica {mon}. I need to go back, asap. Have you been? I know I live in sunny Florida, but Ocho Rios was absolutely beautiful! We booked the Cool Runnings boat tour to Dunn's River Falls. For $60/person, we got a ride to the falls with a tour guide, and some strong rum punch on the way back.  In hindsight, we could have prob saved some dough and found the falls ourselves, but it was worth the security (in my opinion) of getting there. Plus, did I not mention the rum punch?!

Waiting for the Falls (our ship behind us)
Woot! We finished

Jason dancing with our tour guide on the way back, lol

After the tour, we perused the island a bit on our own. Besides the fact that us girls kept getting asked if we wanted to get our hair braided and Jason got offered some Jamaican ::ahem:: grass, it was fine (for the record, no one got their hair braided or purchased the "other" thing, in case you were wondering). I remember locals in the Bahamas being more pushy so I was prepared this time.

After Jamaica, we all somehow managed to sleep for like four hours, and skipped the main dining room for dinner (we opted for the buffet, instead) before hitting up the comedy club later. The comedian was hilarious and I wish I could remember his name.
More drinks

Tuesday, we arrived in Grand Cayman. We were docked literally in the center of the ocean and had to take a tender boat to the island.
Waiting to get to the island
SIL and I posin'
Our ship view from Grand Cayman

We didn't book any excursions, but decided to walk the town, instead. No locals stopped us trying to get me to buy some weird wood carving or anything but we did  make the mistake of going into a few jewelery shops where a woman tried (so so hard) to get Jason to buy me a $2500 necklace! Even if we could  have spent that much on a necklace, I don't see us being the type to buy something that grand on vacation. Its just not us.

We ate at a restaurant called, Breezes, and I had the best jerk chicken quesadilla. My rum loving hubby, had a side of shooters with his burger. We be classy, yo.
My adult lemonade ;-)

Bottoms UP!

We also sent a few postcards back home (because I am a dork) and I had to take a photo of their stamp since it was Will & Kate!

After Grand Cayman, I watched the sunset from our balcony and we got ready for dinner:

 Our last day at sea, I dragged Jason to the martini tasting with me. We met some awesome people at the bar this time (coincidentally named, Cheers) and I wish we would have met them before the last night. After the mini tasting, I tried this baby, called the Blue Moon (since I like the beer and all) and it did not disappoint. I was def feeling good.
Blurry, but we made friends with the guy next to us (and his wife) + the older lady (who was a trip! And called her guy, "man friend")

Also on the cruise, we did some trivia, hit up the sports bar (so Jason could watch ESPN) and just lougned while we were on the boat. I was able to read an entire book and watch a few movies. OH! And I had my first ever massage, compliments of my sister in law! OMG, it was heaven. I need more of these in my life.

So that's it, in a nutshell. I do have some travel tips and ways to save money that I'll try and share in another post, soon!

I'm ready to book my next trip! Happy Anniversary, Jason!

When/where are you going for your next vacation?


  1. Looks so fun! I want to go on a cruise!

  2. Looks like a great vacation! I've never been on a cruise, but I definitely want to go on one.

  3. Looks like your cruise was amazing!! I am going on one in a few weeks to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau. I am so excited! :)

  4. So jealous of your cruise, we've been on the Destiny before & loved it(obviously) haha Tampa blgogers cruise in Fall!!!!

  5. Looks like a great time! I loved reading your review. My hubby & I will be headed to Jamaica in May, can't wait! We are going to Dunns River Falls too. Looks so fun!

  6. looks like so much fun! (and so many cocktails...yay!)

    that yellow dress looks great on you!

  7. looks like y'all had a great time! I would love to go on a cruise! Good luck on the job hunt, I know how you feel... it will all work out! :)

  8. So fun! You have me SO excited for mine in June. Now, I just need to recoop and get back to work so I can save up some money for it. Haha. Glad you had a great time. : )

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  13. Those drinks look amazing! Tropical drinks are probably the best part of visiting the islands. :)

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  17. Hubs is traveling a lot more with his new job, so we are fairly certain that we will have enough points for a Hawaiian vacation next summer.

    Those cocktails looks fabulous, why didn't you bring me one back. Sad.

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