Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eff. Marry. Kill.

Yay! I am doing my first link up as a newish blogger with Blonde...Undercover Blonde and The Vintage Apple for some Thursday fun! Everyone remember Eff, Marry, Kill? If not, it’s fun to play with a group of friends and some cocktails. I love to hear people’s responses, so funny.
I am on a major Revenge kick since I just caught up from the last two episodes and there are some way pretty people to look at on this show (if you haven’t watched it, check it out. It is soooo good).
Here we go:

Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman)
Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler)
Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann)
I would eff Daniel in a nano second. I mean he is so easy on the eyes, right? His character is a bad boy turend good but his mom is insane and I just wouldn't want to deal with that long term (don't worry, I do know these characters aren't real). I would marry Jack (sorry hubs); he is so sweet, handy and hell-o, owns a bar! And sorry, Nolan but you are kind of a weasel to me, so I'd have to say good-bye.

Alright, kids your turn! Who would you eff/marry/kill?!


  1. I've never watch Revenge, but based on the pictures, I'd make the same choices!!

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. i love this show!!!!! i would eff Daniel, marry Jack, and definitely kill NOlan bc he is sooo annoying!

  3. I have never seen the revenge either but I agree with you based on the pictures :) Im a new follower :)

  4. AHH, this show is my guilty pleasure.

    I'd do Daniel.
    Marry Jack.
    Kill Nolan.


  5. I did a Revenge theme too! (I didn't use Nolan though)

    I would pick the same as you!

    I LOVE this show so much. It's so awesome. I'm addicted.

  6. Marry: Daniel
    Eff: Jack
    Kill: Nolan


  7. I LOVE Revenge!! I thought about doing my eff, marry, kill with the guys from Revenge. But I didn't.

    But I completely agree with your picks!! Daniel and Jack are both easy on the eyes. And I think Nolan is a weasel too.

  8. I LOVE the show Revenge as well! I totally agree with you.

    Eff-Daniel is quite easy on the eyes
    Marry- Jack seems like a good guy who is sweet and not so bad on the eyes either! Remember him from the Roswell days?!? (OMG Roswell edition eff/marry/kill woulda been awesome!)
    Off- Nolan Ross is weird and shady, even if he is helping the main character out...

    PS: LOVE your blog header!

  9. same as you, sister!! LOVE revenge! jack is sooooooo hot!! :) and i'd like to hook his little bro up with my little sister. he's a charmer!

  10. Ohhhh ... good one!!!

    EFF: Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman)
    MARRY: Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler)
    KILL: Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann)


  11. I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Revenge! It's freaking awesome and I LOVE your eff and marry options, although I think I'd also eff Nolan. I find the geekiness sexy, haha!

  12. i love this show!!

    I would eff Jack Porter, he's kind of annoying but cute.

    I would marry Daniel. ooh smokin'!

    and, I would kill Nolan.

  13. Well crap, I don't know any of these guys. Based on looks alone I'd say Jack, Daniel, Nolan

  14. I've heard nothing but great things about this show, must check it out! Based on what kind of people they look like I would have to agree with you 100%!!

  15. LOVE this show! and love your pics! I would love to marry Daniel too but yeah Jack has a bar AND a boat! :)

  16. I agree 100%. Daniel would be fun for a night (or two)...but his mommy issues would be too much to deal with long term. Jack seems like such a grounded, sweet, honest guy. Nolan just makes me nervous. I'm not sure if he does more harm than good.

  17. Eff Jack, marry Daniel and off with Nolan.