Friday, October 28, 2011

Married peeps and meal plans?

T.G.I.F! I don’t know why, but this week has been so draining. I mean neither hubs nor I did much after work this week. Maybe it’s just all the busy-ness catching up with me?

But seriously, I have been super busy lately, and while I l.o.v.e. having lots to do; it makes me a poor planner for my home life. Meaning, I spend money I shouldn’t eating out and of course eating out doesn’t mean I always eat healthy. And then I have guilt for eating out so much, because we are saving up for our cruise in March. It's a vicious cycle, people!

Plus, now that I am a married gal, I try and have more of a plan for the week with meals. "Try" being the key word here. Hubs doesn’t expect me to cook dinner every night (no 50’s wife here, ya’ll) and we are both good about taking turns cooking. But since we are doing low-carb together, I feel like we need a game plan, that much more. Hubs is very low key and laid back and has no problem cooking for himself or making his own dinner…that’s great, right? You would think, but it Mainly because I like when we eat together and feel like that is what we should be doing. I don’t know why it bothers me that we don’t always do dinner together, but it does maybe I am a control freak?!.

We moved in (for the second time, long story) a few months after we got engaged and our different meal times/menus didn’t bother me. Perhaps, because I was in school full time and planning our wedding is why it didn’t bug me but now, it does.

I feel like I/we have breakfast down. I usually make a frittata or crustless quiche a few times a week for us to eat in the am. Lunch, we pretty much do our own thang (For the record, J brings a can of green beans every day to work. I mean, who does that? This girl needs variety). (Oh yea, I guess this is a good time to point out, I also waste money at lunch too. But I mean some most days, it is just way better getting out and ordering something than eating another salad. By myself. See, this is why I need a plan!).

So I guess I am asking for advice from you all:
  1. Do you have a "meal plan" down or do you do whatever the heck you feel like?
  2. Who cooks more? You or your husband/boyfriend/man-friend/whatever?

Help a newlywed out, puh-lease!


  1. I sometimes plan out meals for a few days and I cook 80% of the time. It gets old sometimes and I try and mix it up with a new recipe I found online or go out to eat. I call my sister often for new ideas and I might like my slow cooker a little too much. I feel ya on the cost though, going out to eat often can start to break the bank especially if you add in a margarita or two ;)
    WE LOVE to cruise, where are you heading in March?

  2. I love to spend my day off (if I can) to grocery shop and prep for the week. I cook up a bunch of chicken breasts, wash and cut up a boatload of veggies, hard boil half a dozen eggs, and I do a big pot of brown rice,quinoa,millet, any grain. Then I have easy ingredients on hand for healthy snacks and meals throughout the week. Chicken taco salads,stir frys, etc. If anything is left at the end of the week, I dump it in a crock pot with some seasonings, canned tomato product and broth and make "garbage soup".

  3. It's a little boring but David and I have the same meal for all our meals during the work week. I cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week and we just portion our what we would eat. I usually try to keep them easy-to-cook in bulk so that my cook time isn't so much. Then during the weekend we eat what's around our I'll make something different. That's also when we are most likely to eat out, which is fine since we ate healthily all week.

    Cooking in bulk definitely helps with time because you only need a few hours a weekend that you don't need to waste during the week where your time is more limited.

    It gets hard when you plan on doing something big for the weekend but overall it's working really well for us.