Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Since Halloween is today, we celebrated Saturday with our friends at a Halloween party. Not gonna lie, when it comes to costume ideas, I am beyond un-original. I usually go with some cat ears or a mask of some sort. Hubs on the other hand, always has a good one brewing (side note: one year he made me a sash that said "drama queen" and I wore a dress and tiara with it. Major props to that guy).

Last year's theme was Masquerade so you know I was relieved!
(Look closely at hubs, he still made his own costume (Rick Flair))
Because I am so boring when it comes to this holiday I actually updated my facebook status (On Saturday-nothing like last minute, eh?) asking what I should be for Halloween. The best idea came from my (future) brother in-law, J. He said, "Go as your evil twin and put on a goatee". At first it was hysterical, but then I thought a goatee on a girl isn’t cute and the party we were going to would undoubtedly have some sex-ay costumes. I’m not usually one of those gals, anyway, so I knew a skanky nurse/cat/whatever wasn’t gonna work for yours truly. Once Jason saw the fb post, however, he said I had to be my evil twin (he called me Natasha, lol). So with that, a costume was born.

Clearly amused
The party was fun, but I totally stood out. And people definitely did not get it. I was asked at least ten times what I was, and some just thought I went as a man, and called me "sir" while others commented, "Oh. You’re the Kool-Aid man’s wife…" (Yep, I'm "Mrs Kool-Aid") Also, two different guys said they were digging the ‘stache and called me cute (I assume that was the alcohol talking, lol).
Pretending to burst through the wall, "Oh yeaaa"

Lost the goatee at some point...
But I still had a good time, so who cares, right? I think one day when we have kids, it will be different and I’ll get more into it. Until then, we have Gigi who we dressed up several times this month (don't judge); I mean hell-o is that not part of the fun in having a furbaby?!

So spooky!

She also has a Halloween tutu, but she kept trying to eat it in photos....

How did you (or are you) spending your Halloween?


  1. Hahahaha I'm such a fan of goofy staches on women. SO freaking funny!

  2. Hubster / Kool Aid ManOctober 31, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    Your moustache is hot. Wanna make out?