Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tubular Tuesdays Music Linkup #1--Oldies

I’m pretty excited for another linkup this week! Krystal & Jen have come up with Tubular Tuesdays, to discover new music, relive older music, and just have a blast (and a blast I will have, ya’ll) I love all things music, so this will be fun!

This week (uno) is all about your fave tunes prior to 1979. This was a little hard for me since I’m not too good with artists/titles to begin with, let alone oldies. But thanks to google and youtube, I was able to come up with a few of my fave oldies. Enjoy!

I think I Love You, Partridge Family

We didn’t always have cable growing up, and so we watched quite a few re-runs of The Partridge Family and my dad would sing this song to me in an dramatized voice.
Good memories with the papa = a favorite oldie of mine

Sugar, Sugar, The Archies

Oh man, how I loved Now and Then back in the day and this scene right here! I think I need to watch this movie. Again.

All you need is Love (Love is all you need), The Beatles

Ah, The Beatles. My mom listened to and loved them growing up. I didn’t always see their appeal but over time this one became a fave of mine. So much so, that hubs and I used this song as our recessional music after we said, "I DO!"

Me and Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin

Oh, Janis. Great voice and def gone too soon. I have just always loved this song

Have at it kids! Link up with these ladies, and tell us all what some of your fave oldies are. Have fun!


  1. Hahahaha LOVE Sugar, Sugar! And, yes, I totally jammed to it on the Now & Then soundtrack. :-) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Ahhh!!! Sugar, Sugar!! What an amazing pics! I'll trade you my Cheap Trick for your Archies haha.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Awesome picks! I linked up too. This one was def a fun challenge.