Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Wednesday Ramblings: Holidays and such

Happy Hump Day, and Happy November to you! I can’t believe that it is almost the end of the year. Kind of insane! What I really can’t believe is in just eleven days, my little sister will become a newlywed herself (!). This time last year, I was planning my own wedding, taking nine credits to finish my associates (and observing classrooms, too), and working the same full time job I have now. I’m not real sure how I did it, but I did. I fell in love with planning in the process and am still not sure what the hell I am doing with *life*, so there you go. In some ways. nothing.has.changed.

I still have a ton of the same goals: lose weight; pay off debts; merge bank accounts with hubs (yes, still a household debate for us); change my name at the office (I have legally and officially changed it everywhere else, at least!) get a dog (done!)…

It’s just funny to me that as the year winds down (again) some things feel exactly the same and other things are so different. Such is life, I suppose?

But I am ready for the holidays, for sure this year! Last year I was beyond stressed with all the above stuff, and mentally exhausted. Plus paying for our wedding, left us b.r.o.k.e (our parents helped a ton, but we still paid for quite a bit of little things and personal touches, ourselves) meaning no grand gifts or anything last year (though I did get some comfy slippers from J and, natch Gigi ate them. Last week)

But now that Jason and I (and Gigi-opolous) are a family of our own, I definitely plan to get into the season more this year and start some of our own traditions. Before now, I always left it up to my momma and mother in law for J’s side and while we’ll still do the family thing, I think it’s time to step up some of my own holiday game as a married lady.

Maybe something like this for Thanksgiving?

How about for Christmas?! LOVE

Bring it on! This Mrs. is ready.

Who else is ready for the holidays?

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  1. You could say that I'm ready because I really love the holidays, but I'm basically in the same boat as you were last year. The wedding is definitely overshadowing everything else at the moment. Which is fine but it will be a more toned down holiday.

    I usually don't decorate my apartment because I'm never around for Christmas AND I lived a single life. I didn't really see a need for it. But now that's all changing, and I'm really excited to see what holiday traditions we'll be coming up with next year!