Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New York Vacation: Part 1

Last weekend, {or maybe it is two weekends ago, I have lost track of all time, it seems this past month, but I digress},  Jason and I took a three day weekend to Long Island, New York and see our dear friends get hitched!

A little back story: Suiny and Andrew were our next door neighbors. While I like to think I am a friendly neighbor, I have never been overly cheery with people in my building. I blame it on my first apartment at eighteen, where I had some creepy neighbors that scarred me for life. But anyways, back to Andrew and Suiny. They were around my and Jason's age, and had two dogs. Really, it was our dogs that bonded us from the get go.

We started to hang out, and double date, and take our dogs to the park together. They had just moved to Tampa from New York, and were starting their life together. Technically, they were already married, and at the time with Jason and I only having one year under our marriage belt, they were one of our first close pair of married friends. To this day, I feel like they are one of the only other married couples we know that get "it", and one another like I feel Jason and I get each other; if that makes sense.

Christmas, 2012
They have since moved away from Tampa, but when they invited us to their wedding ceremony, we knew there was nowhere else, we would rather be! Plus, the timing between Jason's semesters worked out, perfectly.

We left on a Friday, and were home by Monday, and took one day {Sunday} to go into the city {more on that, later!}. We met loads of their families, drove the bride and groom, drank a lot, danced a ton, and enjoyed some seriously gorgeous weather!

Four hours of sleep, and two plane rides later, Jason and I arrived at the rehearsal dinner, exhausted and happy.

Neighbors turned great friends

...and a wedding photo dump:


Suiny and Andrew, we hope you will be friends for life no matter how far apart we live!

Hope you're enjoying your honeymoon.

Nichole, Jason, Gigi, and Oskar,


  1. woah that photo of the bride and groom dancing is quite steamy! But you didn't show us what YOU wore...

  2. Haha, sadly I didn't get a photo of us AT the wedding. :(

  3. Their wedding looked gorgeous loved her dress too!!!

  4. What a beautiful wedding in one of my favorite cities!