Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Goals {September}

Yes, there are less days in this year than not, and I am just now finally getting around to posting a few goals; hard, concrete, write em' down to obtain them, goals.

...better late than never, yes?

First of all, thank YOU all so very much for your kind words, support, and encouragement after I shared the dreaded number on the scale. I know it has only been three days, but saying {er, writing?} it for all to see, somehow has lifted a weight. I mean clearly those who know me in the figurative flesh can tell this kid isn't thin, but I don't think most would have guessed that number. Until about twenty pounds ago, I think I was able to hide the number and carry it well.

I do really well with my eating when I want to, and working out. I have a hard time managing both at the same time, however.

Someone I work with suggested setting small, obtainable goals. He is so right. I told Jason this and he agreed and said that he has noticed I push myself too hard, at first and then give up. Again, so very true. I give up, easily.

In being my absolute heaviest, I mentioned I am miserable. In most aspects of my life. By nature I love to be around people, and I like to be a part of things! But with Jason in school, I have become more of a homebody. If you know me in real life, you probably disagree with me, but it is true. I don't do as much as I did, and when I do, I am often to take a guess as to who gets the brunt of my grouchiness when they aren't working full time, and going to law school in the evening. B-I-N-G-O.

So with all of that being said, here are my goals for this month. I plan to do something I rarely, ever do: take it a day at a time.

  • Set obtainable goals: I am planning to get in 30-45 minutes each day of physical activity. Not just walking, but heart pounding cardio and/or weights. But at my own pace. 
  • Eat within my calories: I can kill it when I eat when I want to. But one bad meal, or cocktail, or Miller Lite and my week of meal planning goes pretty much out the window. If I want to have a drink, I am allowing myself with friends once/week, two drink minimum. And in reading Jillian Michaels, Slim For Life, if I have a bad meal, follow it up with five clean meals. So hopefully I won't feel guilt, and can enjoy something indulgent from time to time without gaining back 5lbs. Just have to stay within the calories.
  • Say yes more: Like I mentioned, I have been more of a homebody lately. I still have a fun social life, but on my own terms, as long as I am in control. I never used to be like this! So if I get an invite to something that I think will put me OUT of my comfort zone {because I am uncomfortable with the way I look} and I have the free time, I have to accept. Period.
  • Be nicer to that husband: of course we have issues. He isn't perfect, and we know I am not, and yes we're a team, but I take a lot of my issues out on him. My weight loss isn't something unfortunately he can fix for me. No matter how much I want him to ;)
Do you still have goals this far into the year? What are they?


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  1. Girl, you got this. One day at a time!

  2. I think you should make a list of things you want..could be a new phone case, new flipflops, whatever little purchases you'd eventually splurge on anyway. Every 5-10 pounds (again, whatever works for you), treat yourself to a "prize".

    I'm trying to be in the habit of saying "yes" more too! It's hard when you're naturally a homebody.

  3. Those are some awesome goals! And I'm the same way - if I set too gigantic of a goal for myself, I'm pretty much setting myself up for failure. I'm great for a week and then I give up. It's absolutely best to do what you're doing - baby steps! You should look into My Fitness Pal...Casey from Everyday Adventures and I are both on there (and probably a lot of other people, haha) and it's a great way to track your calories and exercise...and stay accountable! It's a lot easier to pass up eating 3 donuts when you know everyone will know you ate them...heheheh.

  4. Great goals! And as for the one bad meal, my boot camp teacher always says, one 'bad' or indulgent meal doesn't ruin your goals. It's all about the decisions you make after. So, don't be too hard on yourself. In fact when I tell myself I can't EVER have anything indulgent is when I fail most often. Sometimes you just need a beer or three :)