Monday, September 9, 2013

Just another...

Just another Manic Monday. Isn't that always the truth? I thought that having Jason back in school, would allow my evenings to open up more; that seems to be impossible these days, however. I'd love a good two days of nothing to do. Is so much to ask for? I didn't think so...

I have stayed on track for most of last week. After deciding to get real online with my weight loss, I felt like a huge weight was lifted. Both literally and figuratively. Hardy, har. I did allow myself one cheat meal and drink with a friend, and that was it. Every other meal, I made smart choices, and got myself to the gym almost every day last week, including both weekend days. Thankyouverymuch.

But back to this cheat meal. Jennifer and I met at Fly Bar in downtown Tampa, for some stellar happy hour deals. Jenn is my fave foodie friend, and when she said she wanted to try somewhere both of us had never been, she knew I'd be in. I have been once before, but it was over a year ago, and I had been dying to go back. So like the smart girls we are, we sought out the menus first, to ensure we got the most bang for our buck.

Happy Hour runs until 6:30pm, and we arrived at 6:22pm. With just eight minutes to spare, we ordered, and we ordered fast. Homemade hummus with grilled pita, flavorful sliders, and loaded nachos with ropa vieja, which I crave, as I type this, days later, were on our mind that evening. For $3.50, I ordered a vodka soda. We split the bill evenly, and before tip, the total was $12.06, per person. We has plenty of leftovers, and my cocktail was quite generous. I highly recommend Fly Bar, if you're in the area.

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Friday-Saturday, we babysat our niece and took her to see Despicable Me 2. I felt like I was last person to see this movie. I don't care if you're six, sixty-six, or one-hundred and six, it was funny. I can't believe our niece is a kindergartner! Time flies, and I am just the aunt.
Later on, the best friend, and some co-workers saw John Mayer. I l.o.v.e. him, so. We camped out on the lawn and enjoyed the nice weather. This is where I slightly struggled in not drinking. It's a concert, for pete's sake! But I prevailed and stuck to water. I am quite proud of myself, actually.


I think we know who was not excited to see Mr. Mayer...?

Sunday, I worked out, ran errands, and prepped food for the week. Glamorous, no?

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  1. That HH looks fantastic, lets go sometime!!! Ps awesome job on the gym girl :-)

  2. WAY TO GO sticking to water!!! It gets easier saying no, I promise. :)

  3. did Phillip Phillips open up for John Mayer? i love cheat days and drinks! i need to take mine down for a like 3 days a week to just 1 haha. good for you!

  4. Have you read It Starts With Food? It's the Whole 30 book. I just started it. It is so good & explains things in a way I've never heard. Very interesting read. I highly recommend it.

  5. John Mayer!!! I die! I love him. I was totally jealous when I read that on your IG. :)

  6. So proud of you, girl! I'm on the verge of jumping back into Slim4Life, and I'm dreading it, but I know it's totally and completely necessary. Here's to sticking with it!

  7. So proud of you, girl! I'm on the verge of jumping back into Slim4Life, and I'm dreading it, but I know it's totally and completely necessary. Here's to sticking with it!

  8. I assure you you are not the last one to see despicable me 2. I hate admitting it but I haven't seen it yet either! good luck with the healthy decisions. it gets easier as it becomes habit. you rock!

  9. John Mayer is a great show! Glad you got to see him :)