Friday, May 10, 2013

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend

This week has been a little hectic; like most weeks, lately. I have lots of random thoughts up in mah head, today...

I have been really good about meal planning this week:

boneless buffalo wings. recipe, here

My fave omelet muffin cups 

Except Monday. Monday, Jennifer and I went to Ciros | Speakeasy and Restaurant. I have been once before, and enjoyed going again. Sometimes a Monday night splurge is good for the soul.

Russian Spring Punch

Fondue for Two

Fries cooked in duck fat

Chicken & Waffle Sliders. Bey-ond Yum.

Tonight, my friend Emilee and I are truckin' to Lakeland to see David Turtera. I have no idea what to expect,  but it was a really great Groupon deal, Emilee invited me, and well I love any and all things wedding, so why  not?!

Yesterday, I posted this photo of two of my fave hookers friends and yours truly back in 2007 {or it may have been '08?} at a Tampa Bay Rays game. I love this photo. I was twenty-five pounds less than I currently am now, and I miss bangs. But bangs make me break out and clearly I am more fat. WOMP WOMP.

I love our dogs, but they are ridiculously spoiled.

Is anyone else sad that next week is the final episode of The Office, ever? I think I will cry.

Jason has a three week break from school before summer semester begins. I plan to enjoy as much time as I can with that guy. I kinda like him ;-)

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm depressed any the Office too. Although the show was never the same after Michael left. I'm gonna miss it! Soak every bit of Jason you can these next few weeks!

  2. oh man, I just had duck fat fries about a month ago when I was in Baltimore. Sooo good but I felt sick afterwards because of the grease lol.

    The chicken/waffle sliders look like perfection though!

    - Val @

  3. So sad about The Office. Depressing.

    Duck fat fries WHAT.

  4. You look great with bangs and your pups are so sweet :-)