Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I need more hours in the day

also know as, "how do people with little humans have time in their day, if I only have two dogs?"... I am serious with that question, by the way.

ANYWAYS, this weekend was a blasty blast.

Friday night, the always lovely Emilee asked if I'd like to drive to Lakeland with her and see David Tutera. His tour was named, the Dream Big tour; I think we both thought it would be a motivational speaking sort of thing. As in how to dream big, reach for the stars, all that jazz. It was not, not at all, what we thought.

In between David's speaking, we saw a freaky contortionist, the world's best whistler {I mean beacuse where else can you see that?} and a guys on STILTS, "pumping" the crowd up Jersey style. The whole thing was just...interesting. I think {and I could be wrong} this is a possible premise to a talk show. 
It all felt very daytime tv kind of ish. But I got to see Emilee and hang outside of just our normal dinner catch up, so that was nice.

Saturday, we were up and at it at 5 a.m. to support the bestie at the Miles for Moffitt 5k down by USF. My best friend was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer in 2009 and had surgery and quite a recovery, but thank GOD, never did she need chemo or anything else drastic. I can never imagine what she went through but I know it could have always been worse. So anyways, my best friend, at 5am I decided I hated her...until we got down to the race, that is.

After the 5k, we came home, showered, napped for all of five minutes before heading to St. Pete for the Rays game; and tailgating. Lots of tailgating. It was so hot, and I'd been drinking so no photos of me, just Tropicana Field.

Sunday, I cleaned house and cooked alllll day in preperation for the family to come over for Mother's Day/Dad's birthday. On the menu at Casa de Crews: pulled pork, potato salad, corn on the cob and ridiculously easy and delicious cupcakes. I failed all weekend on what I ate. But surprisingly, zero weight gain.

How was your weekend?



  1. You had a busy busy weekend! I think everyone was at that Ray's game. Your best friend sounds awesome! I think we follow each other on twitter.

  2. Girl, it ain't easy! I didn't realize how much time I had for myself until I had my baby. Time for a nap after work, time for the gym, dinner with friends. Of coure, the trade out was well worth it once she arrived.
    Glad your weekend was filled with fun stuff!

  3. Jersey style. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. What a fun weekend! And I've totally been thinking about the "zero weight gain" thing when I get discouraged about the "minimal weight loss" number. Because then I think of all the crap I eat on the weekends and the number doesn't really go up and even slides down a nudge, so really, I'm doing better than I think. Which means you totally are too. So congrats! Just a thought for your day :)

  5. What a great weekend you had! I saw your pork all over the place when you were making it and eating it, and it was making me so hungry! And it looks like you did so many fun things!!

  6. Replies
    1. Rifht?! My friend's mom had them made for us :)

  7. I DON'T have time. Well, I guess I have time now. I am waiting for my little one to finish eating. But my goodness, the time does fly faster when you have to factor in your own kids schedule with your schedule. And your dogs schedule. LOL. Looks like you had a lot of fun though!

  8. All of that looks like so much fun!! I'm dying to do a race...! And you can just send me some of those cupcakes. Kthxbye.

  9. Looks like an awesome weekend! I wasn't sure what that David Tutera show was going to be about, but I was curious. Sounds like it was quite a spectacle! The 5k with your friend was such a great idea, and your shirts were so cute!!