Friday, October 26, 2012

On being the wife of a law student

As proud as I am of the spouse for getting into law school, it has been hard for me at times. He is gone, a lot. He has class three nights a week and studies on the weekends at the library and I have had to adjust to being on my own again; there have been times I was quite the whiney betch baybee this first semester.

When I first met J, five years ago, I  was the one in school and I was there until right before our wedding (I don't necessarily recommend taking thirteen credits while planning your own wedding, but I digress) and I was the uber busy, stressed one.

But then throughout our actual marriage, we have had a lot of "us" time, more than we ever had while dating and while I used to consider myself quite independent, I have become quite attached to that husband of mine. Like a lot, ya'll.

Last night, I was able to attend a "Friends & Family Night" for Stetson Law's part time students. Truth be told, I did Jason still had to attend class, so I'd be alone with other wives (I thought), but it meant a lot to the mister, so I sucked it up.

I am SO glad I went. While Jason was in class, the loved ones of our respective law students' were in another room hearing from upper level students and their families.

There were three students up to speak, along with their spouses and/or kids. It was just eye opening to realize how selfish I have been. One of the students up there just had her third baby, five weeks ago and is finishing her last semester at Steston. Let me repeat: third.kid. Her husband is a Mr. Mom a lot of the time and she says she couldn't do it without him (um for the record, three kids would mean I would need an army to help! ijs).

One of the other student's was married with two babies and his wife spoke about being the spouse of a law student and how her student has to miss a lot of things in their life during the semester but that she knew when she met her husband he always wanted to go to law school and that, "You can endure anything for a time and this was only temporary", she was so right.

Sooooo instead of bitching about being alone, having to take care of the dogs all the time, cleaning/errand shopping alone and going places without the man, I'll suck it up because my husband has enough on his plate without a cranky wife at home. Plus, while this is a goal of his, he is also doing this for us, and how can I ever be mad about that?

Soooo, in case I don't say it enough Mr. Crews, I am SO proud of you. I love your face.



  1. It is very sweet and kind of you to appreciate what your husband is doing. :)

  2. Oh girl I can completely relate!! I was the one in school the entire time I dated Danny and even during the first year of our marriage. But now that he is going back I have not exactly been handling it the greatest (i.e. B**** doesn't come close to describing my attitude at times) haha! I love this post and its definitely a reminder to be just as supportive for him as he was for me.