Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday! I hope you all took advantage of the extra hour we received, last night! I know I did. I'm linking back up with Neely & Ashley for Sunday Social because well, it's fun!


What is currently on your wish list?
I'd love a new camera! Something better than my camera phone and/or digital point and shoot. Don't get me wrong they both are fine but I'd like a legit nice camera to snap photos with...
Maybe something like this?

What is a new Fall TV show you have added to your DVR?
Nashville! Love
Share your Social Media links for us to follow you on(pinterest, twitter, facebook, etc) Tell us which is your favorite and why
Twitter Instagram (@Nikkic1284) Pinterest I'd have to say Twitter is my fave! I'm kind of over Facebook and Twitter allow me to me more random.
What is a TV series or Movie or Song you could listen to or watch over and over and over and never get tired of…
Friends, always wins. I can quote that series like it is my job.
Link up! Play along and tell me a few of your favorite things!


  1. I quote FRIENDS like it is my job too!!

  2. So agree about Friends haha! I never get sick of watching reruns on late nighr TV :-) Love the new blog design too cute!

  3. i use friends quotes in everyday conversation. if i say something funny my mom even asks "is that from friends?" I'm loving Nashville as well. The first episode was ok but i think it got better!