Monday, November 5, 2012

This weekend I...

This weekend, as well as the next three or four weekends are in-sane! I feel like these last few weeks have been so hectic, that I have been neglecting both this and my other new blog. But I'm starting to get back into the swing of things and am linking up with some {new to me} ladies, for a weekend recap.

Friday: I woke up with a God awful headache, like migraine bad. I had to call out to work and while I felt super bad about it (esp since we had been somewhat slow and I hate to waste a "free" day on a non busy day) but there was no way I could properly function.  Fortunately, I did feel better later and met the hubs for a quick dinner at Bahama Breeze (I had a $10 off coupon!) before seeing Argo. Can I just say that not only was this movie so good, but Ben Affleck is still on my list. Even when he is retro ala 1980's with a shaggy do', I still love him. Also, I highly recommend Argo.

Saturday, Jason and I waited in line to vote early! I feel so good about getting my vote in. I felt more compelled to vote for this election than any other one to date {that I've been able to; actually this was only the second time I was old enough to vote, but I digress} and we'll see what happens, come Tuesday!

Saturday, I had two awesome things come up: my ten year high school reunion AND I had an invite to Zoofari, here in Tampa (think food and wine fest) for FREE (Um, that's a $180 value FREE). So I went back and forth with what to do and Zoofari was just the better option for Jason, friend who had said free tickets, now only had one, not two. And so I couldn't go; I was waiting to hear back from J (who was studying in the library all day) and then I got really tired from this past week and decided to stay in. I know how absolutely lame that sounds but for the past two or so weeks, I haven't been home AT ALL, and I think it just all caught up with me. Boo.

Sunday, we had Jason's sister's reception lunch. Long very long story short, my SIL eloped last November and we werre just now able to plan something small to celebrate their marriage. It was a nice time but I had a lot to do with the decorating/designing/etc and really needed that extra hour of sleep this weekend!

I also made ahead this baby for the week. I have been really goood about bringing my lunch to work but I am so effing sick of salads that I mixed it up a bit. I stole this baked ziti from WeightWatchers (no I am not a member these days, but my sis used to make this for our family years ago and it will last me all week!).
{This week's lunches. Get in ma belly}

How was your weekend?



  1. New follower from Syndal's link up! Also in Tampa, and I'm a wedding planner :) Love the blog

  2. "I made freedom count" is quite possibly the greatest slogan on a voting sticker ever. Love it!

    Everybody has been talking about Argo so I feel like I should go check it out!

    Thanks for linking up Nichole!

  3. I have got to see Argo - so many people/bloggers have been talking about how good it is.

    New follower from the hop. Nice to meet you! :)

  4. I'm so jealous that you got a voting sticker!! Ours doesn't give them out anymore. :( I even asked the sweet old lady that helped sign me in if I could have one and she said that they keep asking for them, but our county won't provide them. BOO! :( Stopping by from TWI.. :)

  5. If you want some other lunch choices besides salads, check out my pinterest board for food. I made a yummy vegetarian avocado pita for this week. And I also made a really yummy lemon chicken pita sandwich as well. =D

  6. I've heard such great things about Argo! Definitely have to see it!

  7. Awesome that you voted early girl! Thank you for your sweet comment about my pork chops - they were delish! And I can't wait to see Argo. Many friends have already said it is a "must-see". Glad you liked it too!

  8. I've heard so many people talk about Argo. Good and bad. I'm not a huge movie buff, so I'll just wait until it comes onto instant streaming on Netflix. :) Looks like a fun weekend!