Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I found a new link up that I am loving right now. It combines my newest addiction, Instagram with my need to photo dump on you all with the latest happenings at Casa de Crews...Find me on Instagram @ NikkiC1284

Sister got a new puppy! Regi, the corgi, is only eight weeks old. I love him. The End.

Gigi looks like a human to me in this photo, I don't know why but she does. I loves her...

Addicted. A friend of mine had a party a month or so ago and I became hooked.
Then Lauren had a party and well, you can see what happened...

Went over to Emilee's for dinner, where she made this effing ah-mazing flatbread (plus three more)

Took me, myself and I to a movie Friday after work. It was pretty nice going alone, actually.
And I loved the movie. Now I need to read the book!

After my one on one date, met hubs at Outback for dinner. There was a promo for a four course meal for $15.00!How the heck could I pass ALL this up?! I had leftovers, and a bellyache after...
oh, gluttonous deals....

Paid off one of my bigger student loans and I got a refund for...$2.69!
I'll try not to spend that all in one place, folks

Thanks to a Creative Loafing deal, we took a winery tour this past Sunday. More on that later...



  1. such cute puppies :-) looking at that food made me starving!

  2. Oh that refund is so funny! I've done that with my car when I paid it off by $30 and I was surprised they actually sent it to me.
    I love going to movies alone. Cheap & I'm amazing company :)
    Your doggies are so cute!
    How does your friend make her flatbread dough????

    Thank you so much for linking up! See you next week!