Monday, July 23, 2012

Book Swap!

Happy Monday (if such a thing can exist?). I am linking up for another book swap!! This time I was linked up with someone I actually real life. I was paired up with Becca for this swap. Not gonna lie, at first I was bummed because I KNOW how much Becca reads and sure enough, e.v.e.r.y book I thought about swapping with her, she had already read! Girl has mad fast reading skillz.

{Becca, Jessica and I, March 2012}

But we did  use the opportunity to meet in person, where I had my first taste of "fro-yo", and we exchanged not one, but two books!

What we ended up doing, was perusing each other's Goodreads accounts to see what was on our respective "to-read" lists. Then, we also lent each other a book that we already owned and had enjoyed. Once again, the first three books I own that I wanted to lend Becca, she had already READ!! LOL...
New books!
Left: Lent from Becca
Right: On my Goodreads "to-read" list

So I lent her one of my fave books from one of my fave chick lit authors. But I'll let Becca tell you about that!

I have only just begun, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, but so far I am enjoying it, a lot. I've just been way busy and haven't had much time to read lately. But I am hoping life slows down soon and I can actually finish a freakin' book!

Thanks again to Heather & Katie for hosting this swap! And thanks to my swap pal, Becca for a new book!



  1. can't wait to hear more about your thoughts on both books. I'm glad we were partnered together. Sorry I'm so difficult! ha ha!

  2. Oh I loved that movie! Maybe I'll have to put the book on my to-read list!