Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sooo I guess I am technically no longer a "newly-wed"...Can I call myself a newish-wed? When I first started this blog, I wrote my thoughts, feelings and all that jazz about marriage monthly. I miss that part of writing on this thing...

I love that husband of mine to freakin' bits, ya'll! I do, I do, I do. But of course not everyday is wedded bliss. There are times when we hit rough spots and we disagree. Sometimes, we can agree to disagree and sometimes...we can't. Sometimes I miss Jason and other times, I'd like to throw the closest object within reach, at my dude.

BUT, mostly compared to this time last year we are doing SO much better. I have learned to communicate a tad  more affective. I said tad, people.

I know a lot of the time it is still me. Now, don't think there aren't times it's J, but I know a lot of the time, I need to learn to relax. And I have a hard time doing this!

I also think it can be easy to get in a rut and sometimes, I think it is even harder to get out of that rut! Jason and I have a great and active social life; I feel fortunate to have so many people in our lives that we want to spend time with. But there are moments where I miss the "beginning" of dating and spending all your time with the new guy/girl in your life and shutting the rest of the world out. We know each other pretty well, and silence is normal nowadays (uh, honestly I could talk to a wall without any qualms, but I digress) since we don't have as much to fill the other one in on.


Making "us" time is important! It can be hard to find the time, but I am learning you have to make the time. Time is something you can't get more of, and I don't want to look back on our life together and wish we had done more things as a couple. Just the two of us (before Jason starts law school and we (hopefully) have a bambino or two or three).

Soooo, even though I am not technically a newly-wed, I am still learning the ropes of this marriage land. I have a feeling we will always be on this journey. And there is still no one else I'd rather venture through it with.

I love you, Jason!

Your Wife


  1. Yep. Agree, agree, agree. We aren't like most couples out there. We met in college and have been together since. Yep, 13 years! WHAT?! But, we have only been married for almost 6. You really do want to take that time to do things together as a couple because these days in our house couple time is precious and only after 7PM when G goes to sleep. Enjoy your time together because you have the rest of your life...together! XO

  2. I so love this post! I agree that social time with friends is important but truly making the time as a married couple to grow your marriage is even more :-) We have agreat balance now and I think it's helped our marriage over the past five years continue to grow!

  3. This is great! I agree that you dont' get time back and life only gets busier and you always have to remember to make your relationship with your husband a priority. We do monthly date nights. We probably should do them more often but we like to do dinner when we do and we are on a budget. :) I feel that a marriage is always a journey and as long as you can look at that other person and know that you want to be on the journey with them then you're doing great! Each step you learn new things! I learned so much about my husband when we had our first baby...and I'm sure when we have our second when the time comes it will be a whole new learning process. Thanks for the post! Keep up the great work!

  4. I just wrote a similar post to this! So I totally know where you're coming from on missing the "beginning" of dating where you spend all your time together. it's hard to find a balance between being really social and being a hermit, especially when work takes up so much time.

  5. Awe this is such a sweet letter. I love the part about wanting to throw the closest object at him when ur angry. Girl I've def been there too w my bf! Haha men can be so difficult! Xoxo kelly

  6. As a couple who spent the majority of our first wedded year apart, I don't think we've moved out of that "we just got married" phase. I just keep thinking, "okay, now we"ll get into a routine" only for us to be separated again. All of a sudden 3 years have gone by! We have our issues and ruts too, but we rarely get the time to fall too deep into a rut. I suppose I'm thankful for that.

  7. I don't think the learning or the working ever stops. We are going to be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary next month. And it's still a work in process!

  8. I agree with Jen. My husband is a doctor who works between 80 and 120 hours a week, so "us" time is hard to come by. It's all about compromise, communication, listening, and learning. I love him more and more as each day passes but there will always be a day here or there I think I might strangle him :)