Thursday, March 21, 2013

a photo...

A picture, while generally worth a thousand words, can sometimes be worth a thousand, pounds.

Friday, after a few delicious ciders and hanging with some fab ladies, was spent goofing around with cameras and naturally, mustaches {I mean, doesn't every good night end this way?! I digress}.

Even though I am posing with a faux stache', I felt pretty in this photo. I look like I am having fun and dare I say like I may be losing weight?

Fast forward twelve-ish hours later and I am dolled up for a bridal shower...

My face looks be-yond bloaty and my boobs look HUGE {and when you're fat, big lady bits aren't always a good thing {those things get in the way, you know}} and while I felt good, once I saw photos, I felt deflated and a tad defeated.

I'm trying to take this weight loss thing one day at a time and truth be told every day is a struggle.

But the above picture(s)? They remind me that just because someone snapped a really flattering photo of me at the right angle one night, I still have a long ass way to go.

Honestly, it may have been the motivation I needed to keep on going. WOMP WOMP.

What  motivates you?


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  1. Hehe, I hear ya on the boob thing! They always get in the way. Ugh, I think thats why I don't run! I loved your dress!!!

  2. Girlfriend you can do it! If there is anything I can do to help let me know!

  3. I really struggle every day with my weight-- and I have for years. I have found that if I do a super strict diet (like atkins) where cheating is not an option, then I stick to it. There is no, "well I'll just have one cookie on it" because it won't work. I also like atkins because I can eat steak, bacon and cheese. You def see results fast. I also try to make myself get up in the morning to work out, but honestly, it doesn't always happen. Good luck girl!

  4. It's taken me YEARSSSS to learn a lesson but the lesson I've learned is amount of crying no amount of binging no amount of giving up will ever everrr eva get me to my goal. When I would begin to feel like weight loss was a hopeless cause I would head straight to the fridge or I would cry(literal tears) about how fat I am. It wasn't until a few months ago that I began to see that the only thing that will get me to the healthy weight I want to be is to make it happen with hard work and perserverence.
    We may not see dramatic weight loss everytime we come home from the gym but exercising when we can and eating healthy most of the time will, step by step, get us that much closer to our goal. Even if it's just a tiny inch movement towards our goal one day we will eventually get there. And yes, the suck-a-licious part is that it has to be an occurence but we are totally capable of doing it. YOU are totally capable of it. Weightloss is not something other people do. It's something you and I can do. Many days we will feel like we want to give up because it's easier to do that than to be disciplined. But our goal is gonna be so great when we reach it and we can look back at these times and say, "I did it! Against my will at times, but I did it!"
    Even if it takes us a long time to get rid of the amount of weight that we have if we just plug away at it it will happen. I'm rootin' for you, girl!

  5. pictures can be the WORST sometimes! in one you can look amazing, and the next it's like "how many chins do I have?!" for me, I'm always afraid of looking pregnant in photos; yay for always feeling bloated...

    - Val @

    1. Sooo in all the photos I've ever seen of you, you look great! I think you're your own worst critic ;)

  6. Honestly, bad photos are exactly what motivate me to eat better and exercise. When I see myself and think about how big I look, I know that's when I have to get serious. I really don't have any excuses, I just have to do it every day. I think it's great that you're working out and making the effort. I need to be more like you!

  7. Nichole you are doing great! Don't get discouraged. Even when you get to your dream weight there will be days you have unflattering pix. Just stick with it! You WILL get there!

  8. Baby steps, girlie. Got to take it one day at a time. You've got this.

    I love your attitude. Just like your friend, it will be a long process but it's "clicked" for you and you'll get there. :)

  9. Nicole, in all honesty, I think you're beautiful in both photos. Please don't get discouraged; you got this.

  10. Oh man, 98% of my photos are bad, so I feel ya. Like everybody else said, keep plugging on. If you are feeling great and noticing results (no matter how small), that's what matters. The pictures will follow. Also, doesn't the camera add something like 10 lbs.? The bastard.