Friday, March 22, 2013

Ca-razzzzy night {in}

First off, thanks for all the support with yesterday's post, ya'll are the BEST. I wanted to really get more personal this year with my blogging and sharing my weight struggles in the hopes that putting it all out there would motivated me once and for all. So for your support, I thank you forever and freakin' always...

Moving on.

Jason is "technically" on Spring Break, but when you work full time and go to law school at night, break just means you have a *tad* less to read, or so I am told. I'm not the one in law school, so what do I know?

So because Mister C is on break, I thought that meant we'd go out tonight!

If I go out after work for happy hour or dinner or whatever with friends at the end of the week, J usually stays home and then plays video games because he is wiped.

But turns out we're both lame exhausted. Jason is currently napping {read: asleep for who knows how long} and I skipped the gym and a happy hour invite for couch time with me, myself and I.

It's cool. Some nights I can't hang like the ol' days.

What are your plans, this weekend?

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  1. I am staying in tonight too! I've baked cookies and done my nails and am considering going to bed within an hour :-)

    - Val @

  2. HA! I'm staying in tonight all by myself, and I have absolutely no plans for the weekend.

  3. Your night sounds marvelous! I have the Colorrun in the morning, my daughter's Easter photos, and then 3hrs of work to make up my time missed this week. I came straight home from work and cleaned house top to bottom so I don't have to worry bout it later. Getting older really does change what your nights and weekends look like, doesn't it.haha