Friday, July 20, 2012


Soooo this new job/commute is kicking my a.s.s. Don't get me wrong, for the most part I am glad to be working. HOWEVER, this commute is killing me. I only have one week left of my 42 miles/day drive. AfreakingMEN!

I've been at the new job six weeks now. The first five were all training. This week and next is the real deal work. It's been a while since I have had a job where I had to actually...learn. What I mean by that is my last job was in-sanely easy. Most likely because it was my field and we worked in a small office. Though my last job was mind numbingly boring as it neared an end; that atmosphere allowed me to multi task a ton of things in my personal life (ya know, stuff that I should have been doing off the clock? But I digress). I was able to work on school stuff (as I finisged my associates), blog, and plan almost our entire wedding while "working"...that's how much free time I had...among other things.

This new job is good, so far. It is keeping me super busy (which is great even if I sound like it isn't) and being this busy while learning new systems, new duties, new...everything is exhausting. Especially once you add an hour commute to work and an hour and a half, home. Ugh...

This busy ish makes me one tired kid, ya'll. By the time I get home, I have time to make dinner, take the dog out (let's be honest, Jason does it most nights for me), prep lunch for the following day and maybe write a blog post and/or spend some time with the spouse...and that's it.

I'll stop my one person whine fest, now. I just had to get it out!

I miss reading my fave blogs and catching up. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel, however. I'll be back soon.

I seriously wonder how momma's who work have time for anything if they have kiddos to take care of after a day at the office. If I can't handle this, how will I ever handle babies?! Yikes! Tell me the "secret" now, so I can stay ahead of the game!



  1. I'm so glad your training is almost over...that must have been killer! But it's kind of cool that you were able to learn so many new things and at least the drive will be A LOT shorter now! :)

    p.s. - I would love to learn how working moms do it all too haha!

  2. I have no idea how people with children blog! I can barely keep up with it when my husband's home.
    I hope things slow down for you soon, and good luck finishing up that crazy commute.
    P.S. I planned our wedding while I was substitute teaching.

  3. Believe me....there's no secret. You just make it work. It's rough working full time (or in my case this week...51 hours this week) then coming home to a full time job of being a Mommy/Wife. That's why I don't sleep, live on Starbucks, and have dark circles around my eyes!!! But I love it!

  4. I'm glad your long commute time is coming to an end!! Living closer to where you work makes such a big difference. I also don't know how working moms do it because I feel like I'm busy all the time now, and all I have are a husband and a dog! I just pray that I can keep up someday. :)

  5. My last job was a 52 mile round trip commute. That job sucked the life out of me in so many different ways. I love my current job so much more for soooo many reasons, but I think that is on the top 5 list! (It's about 15 miles round trip!)

    Hope you like your new job! :)

  6. I just do everything in the AM before I Go to work that's blog related. If I don't get to that email or get to post then I do it the next morning. I try to not let it consume me!=] You will find balance!

  7. Glad the new job is going well, I want to know the "secret" too haha :-)

  8. Agree! there is no secret! It's tough when my daughter went to bed less than an hour after I got home from work! I know it sounds great...I could get stuff done...but I didn't get enough time with her. All you can do is make the time you have with them quality and if other things don't get done...they don't get done! So glad I came across your blog today!

  9. I used to have an hour plus commute to and from work. I did it for 2 years. NEVER ever ever again, as long as I can help it. Driving really takes it out of you.