Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

What.a.weekend. We were very busy but it was a great time. I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked (seriously bad blogger, here) but I guess that just means I was busy livin' it up?

Friday, hubs and I joined his co-workers out at Bahama Breeze for happy hour. But I had an ulterior motive, kids. I wanted us to have some end of the week drinks to celebrate Jason getting accepted...into LAW SCHOOL. Remember when I told you guys right before our one year wedding anniversary how Jason told me some news that I couldn't share yet (side note: do you know people actually asked me if we were pregnant? I mean did I not say J was the one who told me news?! Oy), well he was accepted into three law schools within Florida, ya'll. There is more to this story but I feel like it deserves its own post another day. But in a nutshell; we have a lot of decisions to make in a very short amount of time!

Saturday, we ended up at Tropicana Field to see The Rays kick some Atlanta Braves ass (though we lost the series so what do I know?). Seven of us busted out the tent, grill, cooler and ladderball a few hours prior to the game in the heat to tailgate. And my friend, Shelly, conveniently had these mustaches just lying around in her car. That's just how she rolls.


Sunday was spent brunching with Kari & Lauren at Datz Deli in South Tampa. I've been wanting to go there for quite sometime so I was excited to finally go. Plus is was brunch, which is my fave meal, around.
Last night, Lane and I (plus our very smart husbands) went to Eddie's in Dunedin for some live trivia and happy hour (gah, how I will miss random outings once I start working again). Folks, we came in 3rd place! We won $10 house cash. Honestly though if it weren't for our men, we wouldn't have won. Lane and I were enjoying the two for ones and chatting more than the trivia :)
Don't spend that all in one place, kids


  1. How fun, congrats to your hubby again how awesome :-)Datz was awesome, we must go back!

  2. Congrats to your hubs! That's so exciting!

  3. Congrats to your hubby. Can't wait to hear more!

  4. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! Congrats for your hubby! My hubby did the wing challenge at Eddie's and won "Eddie Dollars" to drink and all...

  5. Congrats to your hubs, so exciting! But seriously.. brunch, baseball, HH and trivia? My most favorite things! ;)

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend. Congratulations to your husband, so exciting!

  7. That's so awesome! Tell Jason I say congrats!!! :-)

    Glad you had a great weekend! :-)

  8. Congrats to your hubby! What does he want to do with his law degree? Law school is a crazy ride!