Friday, May 25, 2012

Party like its 1982

Oh heyyy. I'm so excited for everything this weekend has to offer...

Tonight, we are taking it back to the 80's for my friend's big 3-0! We're going to be hanging on a party bus throughout Tampa tonight with a bunch of friends. I hope people not with us get that we're dressed for a party and not necessarily insane (though the 80's look is back...sorta) with crazy ass hair.
Tomorrow, we're attending a BBQ to celebrate the same birthday girl again; and where I'll get to swoon over her baby (last year we threw her the best baby shower, ever, but I digress). I have some terrible baby fever, going on.
Baby H makes me want to have my own baby. For real.

Sunday, we'll be at my parents house to celebrate my sister's 25th birthday (I should have titled this post, "All about Birthdays", huh?) and hang with the fam.

My sisters (bday girl is on the left)

And by Monday, I hope to sit on my bum a bit and maybe see a flick or two

What's up for your weekend? I hope its a long one!



  1. OMG, that picture of Baby H is too cute for words. I die.

  2. How fun, can't wait to see pics of your 80's outfits :-)

  3. That is a lot of birthdays! I love themed parties, can't wait to see the pics :)

  4. That party sounds like a blast. Have fun!!!

  5. So jealous of your friends party!! And I definitely have baby fever seems like an epidemic around here LOL I hope you have an amazing weekend (I'm sure you will!)