Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

I realize I'm most likely the last blogger posting about my long weekend (well, seeing as I am still unemployed my long "weekend" has been approx four months. Though I guess since I technically have a job now, should I still be calling myself "unemployed"?) but I haven't been in a huge blogging mood. These things happen, yes?

As you all know, we partied like it was 1982, Friday night to honor our friend, Christina. It was a blast, ya'll. There was minimal drama and we were responsible kids with a party bus and hotel room. I think there were twenty one of us total and we made quite the dent in our little pub crawl o' fun. We lost some friends along the way (as in, the bus had to come get them early. Early  being 1 am) but a great time was had by all. Now, who wants to see the photos?!

I ordered some props from Etsy and Gigi wanted in on the fun!

Birthday Girl's shirt read, "That's what She-ra said" HAHA

80's swag bag. Pop Rocks, Candy Cigs and more!

C's hubster is currently in Afganistan, but we made sure he was with us anyway

This happened. Clearly, we were sober.

The next day, with just 3 1/2 hours of sleep, we went to a cook-out at Christina's mom's house. It was hot as all Hades but we had a nice time. Saturday was a more relaxed day of eating, drinking (I could only stomach one rum punch myself after the night before) and catching up with Christina, her family, and mutual friends that we really only see when Christina is in town.

Baby H's first time in a pool!

Sunday was yet another cook-out at the parentals to celebrate my sister's birthday. We also found out my parents are having a  house built so it was an exciting day in general.

After dinner, Jason and I went and saw The Dictator. Jason laughed; I could have never seen the movie and been just fine. I like a good laugh, but the obvious gross comedy isn't always my thing. Just depends, I guess.

Monday, was a very relaxed day. I met up with Jennifer for brunch and some catching up (side note: I'm jealous of her new job!) before going back home to lounge with the hubs. It was a good way to wind down from three days of busy.

Today, I plan on catching up a bit on my blog reading and cleaning our pad. Exciting stuff, huh?




    ...and you KNOW how I feel about a good 80s party! Love it!

  2. Your pup with the glasses is soooo cute!

    Sounds like you had a good weekend! 80's parties are always fun! It was a good idea to bring your friends picture of her husband! LOVE IT!

  3. You aren't last! I'm considering actually posting about mine, but my pictures are still on my camera so it will probably be up Thursday or Friday :)

  4. 80s theme party! Oh my gosh looks like a blast!!!

  5. Looks like an awesome time, those candies and bright colors bring me back ;-) Cute pics!

  6. Ahh that looks like so much fun! LOVE the outfits and 80's themed swag bags! Dictator is not my cup o' tea either, but luckily there are some other great movies coming out soon!

  7. Looks like fun..those cupcakes look HEAVENLY!!