Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random Thoughts 1.14.14

This is probably the most random post of thoughts in a while…just go with it, mmmkay?

-Jason and I have completed {and survived} week one of the Whole 30 Challenge! It’s a freaking miracle, ya’ll! It really hasn’t been all that terrible, though. In the book, It Starts With Food, they talk about how food is emotional, both positively and negatively, and I’d have to totally agree with that. I have mostly wanted things I couldn’t have, and we stayed in most of last week instead of dining out—so a lot of it really is mental. But it is starting to become more a routine, already and hopefully once this sticks, I won’t feel so isolated from my normal social-y {it’s a word} self once I know how to manage it all.

-We went to Whole Foods over the weekend for most of our groceries. We spent $175.00. I wanted to cry. Some of those things included staples like evoo, spices, a trip to their slightly overpriced, but tasty, salad bar for lunch, etc. But still…normally I can get our weekly bill to $70 at the MOST. Jason said, “If you’re justifying this to me, don’t. I’m not stressing. This is an investment in our health.”…well, hot damn. I never thought he’d be so on board with yet another one of my health phases. Well played, husband. There is still no effing way we’re spending that much next week.

-I re-started the Couch to 5k (C25K) this weekend. I completed Day 2, yesterday before work. I have the hardest time with breathing while “running”…any tips?

-We finally took our tree down! It was a post-Christmas miracle.

- I have wanted to organize our pad big time, lately but every time I have the time, the thought is so overwhelming, I do something else; or I nap. Ha ha.

- My DVR for some reason did not tape the new episode of HIMYM, this displeases me.

-I had never watched a single episode of The Bachelor…until this season. But one of the contestents is from Tampa, and the other from Sarasota {and hour from me}...and have you seen this season's bachelor?! Hola Juan Pablo.

That’s all I have, folks.
xoxo, Nichole
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  1. so much to comment on this post:

    1) whole foods - only go if you must. you can buy fresh foods at any grocery store; i find that whole foods charges ridiculous prices for the same thing. buy organic produce for things like berries, apples, tomoatoes etc...basically anything with a 'skin' that you eat. for things like bananas, oranges, avocados etc...buy regular since you don't eat the skin. i rarely go to whole foods. i do all of my shopping at my local grocery store and only buy fresh foods there.

    2) changing your ways (towards food/what to eat etc) is like changing any habit - it feels weird the first few weeks but after a while, it will become normal. it's like this for everyone - MIND OVER MATTER. give yourself time to change. you did not learn (unhealthy) habits overnight therefore, you can't unlearn them overnight either.

    3) running - you're breathing takes time to learn. whoda thunk, right? but i found that with time, i eventually found my pace and breathing pattern. just keep doing that. if you find that you can't talk and run, then that means you're going too fast. slow down just a bit. as you get stronger and your lungs/heart/organs get better at delivering oxygen to your muscles, you'll be able to go faster. work on your endurance first, then speed. everything will fall into place with time.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Practice you're breathing when you walk... get into a rhythm you can handle and build it up to when you can run. Believe it or not, you have to practice breathing.

  3. Breathing is so hard! I've found that I just have to think about it and I know it's probably dangerous but sometimes chewing gum helps me remember to breathe. I tend to hold my breath when things gets hard so if I'm chewing gum and doing something with my mouth I tend to breathe better. I'm probably just weird ;) Way to go with the change in eating habits! :)

  4. I love his response "invest in your health" AMEN!

    Runnin....in through your nose out through your mouth it will come in time with the more running you do. I find when I was running the first .5 mile or so my breathing would be off but would even out on its on.

  5. Whole Foods is totally ridiculous. I will not shop there on principle. You do not need to spend that much to eat healthy and they suck for making people think that you do!

    Good job guys!

  6. I am so proud of you Nichole!! The breathing will come in time. I open mouth breath when I run. It is very loud and scary sounding but I usually listen to music to drown out the sound. Have you compared prices online to Whole Foods? I would suggest doing that. You can also check the organic section of Publix and compare. I'm fortunate here that we have a pretty good organic selection at Kroger. But your husband is absolutely correct with he said about the investment.

  7. My boss calls Whole Foods Whole Paycheck and it is so accurate. I can't get out of there for less than $25 which is crazy because I'll run in for like, three things. Good for you guys, and yay for C25K. I started it last year and then quit but did well with running on my own. I need to get inspired by your motivation and hope for some to pass on to me!

  8. I agree with the Whole Foods deal... They are very expensive, and you can find a lot of the same things for A LOT cheaper. I go to Harris Teeter, which is still an "expensive" grocery store in NC, but that is because I have found they have the best produce and fresh veggies. But for things like pasta and other stuff you can buy store brand ... It's more like Food Lion or Walmart. It takes a little more time because you are going to more stores, but I am on a grocery budget of $35 a week, and still have food left over after two weeks. (I shop two weeks at a time.)

    Also, the gum thing works for me. It also helps my throat to not "freeze." I don't know if you have that problem in Tampa, probably not, but gum does help me. I am so proud of you!!!

  9. I have never watched the bachelor either!!! Hmmm eventually I will.

  10. Love your motivation and that you're in it together! That helps so much! BTW, I miss Whole Foods!

  11. Congratulations on completing the whole 30! AMAZING :)

    I love how Jason phrased it "investing in your health" SO true.

  12. You're already a quarter of the way there! It's so much easier with a supportive spouse eating the same Whole30 diet. I'd have a much harder time if my hubs was still eating junk around me. Luckily, we're in it together, like you and yours, and that makes a huge difference! About groceries, our food bill doubled when we went paleo. Not filling up on cheap unhealthy starches meant we had to buy more fresh produce and quality meat instead. That is more expensive, no way around it. We're lucky in that we live in an area with several small family farms so we get a fair amount of produce and meat that way (we buy our beef half a cow at a time). It is definitely an investment in your health.

  13. Great job!! Healthy food can be expensive, but hubby is right aaaand he's smart for supporting you ;) As for breathing during running, I used to breathe in my nose and out my mouth, but now I think I just breathe through my mouth and take deep breaths and deep exhales. I have to mind my breath or I get bad cramps. It's a struggle!