Monday, May 21, 2012

Mush on mah mind {Monday Mashup}

As much as my husband loves me, the fact that I always have *something* to talk about because I have a gazillion random thoughts swimming through my head (at any one given time) doesn't exactly float his boat. That's why I am digging this link up courtesy of Mrs. Monologues: Monday Mashup.

And so, let the random thoughts commence...

On TV:

So thanks to my ongoing unemployment, the tv and I have had quite the relationship. Look, I'm not proud of it, ya'll but the fact remains I have watched a lot of the boob tube.

Let's talk season finales, first. Smash gave me the chills like no other. Good God is that show so good or what?! I felt so bad that Karen found out about Dev and Ivy, though.

Private Practice: SAM PROPOSES? Mason calls Charlotte "momma" and Amelia has her brainless baby? Oh yes, tear city at my place. Again.
And Grey's Anatomy: Was I the only one blindsided by Lexi DYING?! I was in complete shock, people. And the fact that the rest of the peeps were still stranded at the end of the season....?!
R.I.P., Lex
New (to me) shows: Since I have a lot of free time (obviously) I have been watching a lot of shows on Netflix that I had never seen before. I always meant to but never got around to them.

Jason & I just finished season 1. Holy Hell! And I freakin' knew  Peggy was preggo; with that jerk, Pete Campbell's, baby. I wonder what the heck is going to happen, next! GAH...

...and I just started watching
I'm only three or so episodes in, but it is such a good show. Oh mah gawd. Though, I LOL'd at the fact that Nancy's dead husband is Jeffrey Dean Morgan (you know, from Grey's. That guy can't catch a break!). I can't wait to watch more...

This upcoming weekend:
I still need to find my totally rad 80's costume for this weekend's party! I've shopped & shopped and let me tell you as much neon ish is there (now) is out there, I still haven't found my perfect outfit. I have some time, still...right?

On my doggy dog:
How could you not love her face?! Little Miss knows she isn't allowed on our bed but she climed up anyway and fell alseep (leaving me to look for her) and when I finally found her, I couldn't even be upset.

Somebody's been sleeping in my bed


  1. Good luck finding your 80's outfit! had fun this weekend :-)

  2. I absolutely love MadMen and Weeds! They are great shows! Good luck on finding more 80s stuff, have you tried H&M or also Charlotte Russe? I pass by them on my way to work and they have lots of neon. Gap has some neon, but it isnt 80s like, sorry! I'll let you know if I see anything in the mall...

  3. Love the pic of your puppy in your bed. Too cute!

  4. I love finding great new shows! There's plenty of episodes of Mad Men out there to keep you busy.

  5. LOVE mad men! such a great show!

  6. I know we already tweeted about Grey's together but I read something somewhere recently that "just because they are alive now doesn't mean they are safe". We know Christina, Derek, Meredith are signed on for another season. Maybe the plane captain? Or Arizona? I like her too much tho... Oye long summer!

  7. Okay one more comment. Weeds! You watch Modern family? Well Claire makes an appearance a few seasons in and well she is not a conservative housewife like on Modern Family...let me tell you...=)

    If you have not already, get into Revenge! I love that show. I also watched the Walking Dead Season one on Netflix and then bought the 2nd season on itunes. I never like zombie movies but this was amazing. I have almost finished all of the episodes of Bones on Netflix!