Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guest Post: Lane of Murphy's Law AND Supper for a Steal

Happy Hump Day, ya'll! Today we are cruisin' to...nowhere! I asked Lane to guest blog for a ton of reasons. I had planned to tell you all why until I realized Lane said everything I was planning to, so I'll just leave it to her!

Hi friends, I’m Lane and I blog over at Murphy’s Law, but lately my life has been consumed with my new blog, Supper for a Steal. I love blogging and all the great friends I have made out of it. Nichole and I bonded over our shared anniversary. She is going on an awesome cruise to celebrate and my husband and I haven’t even thought about what to do! We have a lot more similarities like both being jobless hobos and previously working in insurance, being obsessed with our pups and enjoying day drinking (it’s a perk of being jobless.)


This is my first guest post, so please forgive me I have no idea what to talk about. I think I will just ramble on about my life and blogs. At Murphy’s Law I blog about our life. We have our house on the market and are searching for a new one. We have a sweet spot for the fixer uppers. I just finished wrapping up my wedding recaps (such a slacker) and now that I don’t have weddings or food to talk about, Murphy’s Law gets a little neglected. Once we buy our next house I will be back with plenty of projects. For now I am just covering the house hunting process. Supper for a Steal is my baby. I obsess over it. The concept is menu planning based on the weekly sales at Publix. Right now I only cover Publix, but I hope to expand to other grocery chains in the future.

The hubs and I were both born and raised in Florida, but I hate the beach. I often say I am going to the beach, but by beach I mean yacht club where I can be found eating and laying by the pool. We got married at said club almost a year ago. We had a beautiful ceremony near the beach, not on, obviously.


The reception followed in the clubhouse across the street. Where we ate yummy food, danced, had the most delicious cake in the world, and then left by boat. On our getaway boat my drunk former aunt, who was not at the wedding but lives on the water nearby, chased us down on her boat to give us a bottle of champagne. It was awkward, but we accepted and made our way to the dock where our friends picked us up and brought us to our hotel.


My friend, Allison, dropped the bottle of champagne as we were getting out of the car, so we will never know if it was a good bottle. We left for Antigua the Monday after our wedding and had a wonderful week of lounging by the pool doing absolutely nothing.


I hope you will join me over at either one of my blogs as we search for a new house/menu plan. Thanks to Nichole for having me guest post while she is cruising the Caribbean. I hope she knows how jealous I am. Oh and don’t think I could leave you without sharing a pic of my baby.



  1. Great guest post, your wedding was so beautiful :-)

  2. Lane,

    Your pictures are so darn cute! Lovely guestpost girly!!

  3. Your wedding was beautiful!!
    I'm a Florida gal that isn't a beach fan either. hehe