Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guest Post: Jennifer from Starving, Insatiable

Today we are cruisin' to Grand Cayman. Hopefully as you read this I am walking on a beach somewhere... I asked Jen to guest post because her blog friggin' cracks.me.up. Plus, she's the ONLY person I know who watches as much reality tv as I do...she's a girl after my own heart. ANNND, she's fun and likes hockey! :0)
Hi all! I'm Jennifer from Starving, Insatiable! I'm excited to be here and happy that Nichole asked me to do the honors of being a guest. Some background about me is I live in Tampa, Florida (born and raised), I'm very close to my family and friends and I am a "reality tv" junkie. You can typically find me cooking, reading and eating out. Another thing you should know is I'm a reformed shopper.

Being a reformed shopper can be pretty boring. I don't have new clothes every week and I pine after lovely pieces of jewelry all the time. Fortunately, and unfortunately, I became responsible and stopped spending every last penny I had on frivolous items, no matter how bad I wanted them. Sure, I do spend, but I spend smartly now and budget for everything. And this new lifestyle, my friends, is where Pinterest comes in real handy. Since I'm always in want of something but also lacking in the money department, I online window shop. Somehow, when I add a pin to my boards, I feel like I'm placing an item in my shopping cart and as weird as it sounds, I actually curb my spending appetite a little bit, or rather, enough so I don't go crazy.

Today, because I know I'm not the only Pinterest-obsessed lady out there, I thought I'd share my most recent pins, as well as some recipe pins I've made recently that turned out oh-so-yummy.

First, I'd like to both curse and congratulate Kate Spade. Because I love to torture myself, I signed up for the Kate Spade emails and I have to browse whenever they come out with new items or offer their sample sales. I think there isn't a store in all the universe that I'm more attracted to than Kate Spade. Everything is so flippin' pretty. Recently, they came out with watches and of course, I had to have a look-see. I pinned 3 of them right away.

At $250 a pop ($295 for the thicker band), it'll be a long time coming until I feel comfortable enough to slap my plastic down on the counter, but they are nice to look at.

I recently bought myself an iPad (I know, I know, this totally goes against the entire intro of this post, but I never said I didn't indulge heh heh). I love Kate Spade's iPad sleeve!

After all, you have to keep your electronics safe, amiright??

Another item I pinned recently was a recipe for quick bread in a bottle. The idea is to make this and give it to someone, as a thank you or maybe even a housewarming present. 

First, jars are always adorable and can help to serve as decorative pieces, but who wouldn't like to receive this? I'm thinking of making a couple for some friends of mine!

Speaking of food, the following are recent foods pins of mine whose recipes I've tried and have decided to keep and remake in my house. 

Cilantro Lime Rice (like Chipotle's!) (via)

Roasted Garlic Whipped Potatoes (via - a favorite blogger of mine!)

Chicken Rollatini Stuffed with Zucchini and Mozzarella (via)

Lastly, as a little bonus for you all, I must tell you about some pins that I have in my Home Renovations and Motivation folders. I live in a condo with my boyfriend and we are going to be starting on renovations this year. I spend the better part of my days gathering inspiration from friends and websites so I know what I want when the time comes to begin. The first thing we must do is organize. Built quite a bit ago, this condo has a poor layout and almost no storage space. Obviously, as clean as I try to be, organization can be so hard and all rooms always look cluttered. While browsing other boards, I came across IHeart Organizing and fell.in.love. Totally and completely. Just take her home tour and tell me you don't feel the same. Anywho, I pinned her organization checklist:

A big part of my organizing is organizing my whole life. Aside from the physical organization (house, car, random files), I could use some life organizing. I am continuously budgeting, but I need to get on track for GRE preparation and grad school, securing a different job that will pay more and provide endless opportunities (plus be something I love) and work out/eat healthier, all things I've been slowly working on for a little while now. While browsing, I came across this:


I've found that the main reason I lapse on my diet plans are that I get bored with the food. I'm big on food and want different things that don't always taste like grain and, well, diet. This website, while still listing those snacks we all know and (sometimes) love, also lists snack ideas I wouldn't have thought about, mostly ones that are easy to pack for lunch or on the go! Check it out!

As much as I could go on and on, I'll stop here and do my obligatory social media self-promotion. Feel free to find me and friend me at all the below links. Thanks for reading!  :)

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  1. Love these pins girl! I def want to try out the 100 healthy recipes :-)

  2. Jen, the food pins look amazing and I'm definitely going to check out the healthy recipes!

    p.s. - This is the first time I saw the Kate Spade watches and I already feel like I NEED them in my life! :/

  3. Jen, this was super cute! I definitely want to try some healthy recipes!