Thursday, March 29, 2012

Guest Post: Melissa at Truly Chic Inspirations

Since I love all things party, I actually have TWO guest bloggers from similar party/wedding/design worlds to post for me while I'm cruisin' away. First up is Melissa of Truly Chic. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her in person (yet?) but I stalk her blog like no other. And thanks to email and facebook, I feel like I've gotten to know her a bit better too. I know you all will like her as much as I do!

I'm excited to be a guest blogger today for my sweet friend, Nichole. She's a fellow Sunshine State gal and has a fun blog... gotta love her!

My home away from home is Truly Chic Inspirations, a site I pour my love for parties and weddings into. If I'm not talking parties you can find me from time to time sharing crafts, recipes, music that inspires me, and random babbles. Well, enough about me... It's time to talk Spring parties!

Spring is my favorite season (minus the allergies) and I find myself hosting some type of party outdoors. I recently created a Chic Tea Party photo shoot to help pass on some Spring time party inspiration. We had a blast during the photo shoot! Tea, sweets, finger foods, floral and vintage decor, and friends are all that is needed to create a Tea Party with the ladies. Have fun with the food, create fancy sandwiches or pick up some goodies from a local bakery. Panera and Starbucks have some awesome scones and sweets. Search your home for decor. Books, signs/frames, and candles are great decor items you probably already have on hand, take advantage of that!

Have a romantic lunch date with your hunny or celebrate a special occasion by taking the table outdoors or by adding some simple touches to your current outdoor table. Spring brings us some of the most beautiful flowers and decor. Stop by the florist or local grocery and pick up a colorful arrangement to display on your table as the centerpiece. Not all celebrations call for tons of decor, sometimes keeping it simple is refreshing. Feel free to add 'touches' in other ways... garnish your drinks. If you're serving lemonade use a fancy straw or place a slice of lemon on the rim. You'll find that almost anything can be embellished and little touches can bring a lot to the overall look.

This Spring have fun! Set up a photo booth session, get silly, dress up, and have a ball! It obviously doesn't have to be a specific season to celebrate with photo booth props but have fun at your Easter celebration or set up a photo booth prop party for absolutely no reason at all. Let loose and wear those fancy outfits you've wanted to wear. There are many etsy shops that sell these awesome goodies but why not make a day of it and create these props together with your family and friends. Adding a photo booth prop area for Easter sounds fun, right!?! Create Easter bunny ears and funky paper eggs with funny sayings.

However you choose to celebrate this Spring I hope I've brought a little party inspiration your way. Stop by anytime and send me a little hello!

xoxo, Melissa C.

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  1. Love these ee=vent ideas thanks for sharing :-)