Friday, March 30, 2012

Guest Post: Krystal of Krystal's Kitsch

Meet Krystal! Most likely if you follow me, you've been following her for much longer. I trained Krystal on her first day of concession many years ago at our old AMC stompin' ground.Thanks to myspace (I know) and facebook, she was always a "friend" but not in real life so much. But we did seem to do a lot of the same things/go to the same places so why we never hung is be-yond me!

BUT then we both got engaged and I would fb message her like it was my job. Thanks to her I found our wedding photographers and we *finally* had a few happy hours! She is also one of the reasons I started to blog. And then after we both got hitched my wedding inquiries turned Q's. And then that preggo had to go and move on me...the.nerve. :)

So while Nichole is off drinking fancy cocktails on the beach on her cruise, the rest of us are stuck here counting down the days until our next vacations! Or, if you're like me, counting down the next time you can actually consume an alcoholic beverage...

... I'm Krystal and I blog over here. I've known Nichole since I was about 16 but we didn't really connect until a year or so ago (Am I right?! LOL). We always were doing the same things--baseball, bars, movies--but never got our acts together to hang out! Anyway, better later than never! ;) Nichole has been such a faithful blogger since starting up recently, and I'm so proud of her!

Since Nichole is off celebrating under the sun, I decided to compile some adult party ideas (complete with beverages!) for us regular folk to drool over. And, since I can't have a cocktail for quite a long time (Hello, pregnancy!), this post might be a little heavy on the beverages... ;D

Skinny Beer-Ritas. They claim not to pack on the pounds.
Your next party MUST:

Gummy shot glasses. Just drink...and eat!

Make ice cubs out of Kool-Aid and add to whatever beverage you might be drinking...

Very cute party idea... Washi tape around plastic glasses

Keep the booze cold -- freeze balloons!

A great gift for any party hostess...
Another ice cube trick:

Freeze lemons, blueberries, mint, etc. Perfect drink complements!
Don't forget about your furry friends while you're having your next backyard get together:

How awesome is that? I know that my dogs would LOVE it. They go wild over ice.
And, just remember...



  1. Love all these yummy drink recipes thanks for sharing Krystal :-) Those last pictures are SO hilarious and true.

  2. That last photo, haha!! Great drink ideas, love the balloons!!! ;)

  3. Nichole- had NO idea you worked at that AMC too. Did you go to East Lake also? We had to see John Carter at that AMC and I was amazed at how run down it is now.

    Krystal-That last pic reminds me of your wedding! Hahaha..uggg. Hang in there! 9 months (or what, 5ish) will be gone before you know it!

  4. Now I'm thirsty, and that is never a good sign.

    Oht hose last photos were hilarious. so hilarious.

    Just blog stalking, and totally digin' it;)