Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday

What.a.weekend. After making pie Wednesday (and deciding to go out after that), eating too much turkey Thursday, babysitting a three year old (with a cold) and his four year old sister after said glutton fest for 32 hours, we then moved the bestie into a new place, Saturday.

I then dragged hubs to our local comedy club for some free laughs (seriously, people sign up for everything, everywhere. Free ish is the b.e.s.t) and because it was only 9pm, we then went and saw the new Muppets Movie. I think Jason Segal is my new hero. I was seriously laughing and smiling the entire movie. I loved the Muppets when I was a kid and was so stoked someone decided to bring em' back.

Since we've been busy, our place looks like a freakin' tornado blew through. Hubs has a cold and is currently in bed (where I have quarantined him; dude better not get me sick, too!) and I have no desire to do a thing, ya'll. I mean, seriously I just want to sit on the couch like a vegetable...

Even Gigi is snoozing...

What are you doing with your Sunday?


  1. Chores. I've been putting it off all weekend. Not to mention, David gave me my Christmas gift early so I've been playing with it. It's a Wii before you get any dirty thoughts. =p

    PS. I loved the Muppets movie too!

  2. My Sunday is back-to-reality day. Grocery shopping, laundry, etc...

    Oh, and hopefully seeing YOU!