Monday, November 28, 2011

Fun With Our Phones Monday (11.28.11)

Yes, I am linking up with these ladies, again. I like this one a lot! It makes me start the week of right-blog wise and also capture some memories off my phone that I may not do otherwise...wish I had a better phone/camera though ::hint hint:: (Jason)

On Tuesday, my very good friend, C, had her beautiful baby girl! New momma actually sent this one to me via phone (they're in MS) but I had to share...she is so freakin' adorable!

Tuesday night, hubs and I went to the Bolts game. We l.o.v.e hockey but sadly have been so busy/broke that this was the first game we have been to this season. I really liked all the renovations they did and love that Thunderbug has a Mo for Movember...

Speaking of mustaches...we babysat this guy and his sister over the weekend. After taking apart allllll the pieces of Mr. Potato Head (and Gigi eating a piece or two ::sigh::), he put this stache up to his face. Love this goofball. And yes, that is Despicable Me playing in the background for the 1,586th time...

Helped the bff move on Saturday and this deer was in her backyard!! How cool

My bro works at Starbucks which means I usually get a free pound of whole bean coffee from him. Hubs and I usually can make a pound last an entire month. Though, my mom also gets the free coffee...My mom has rank (ya know since she feeds him and birthed him and all) and so I had to buy my own coffee for the first time in months. I was a very unhappy girl...

Have a great week, ya'll!


  1. I love the new renovations in the Forum! Amazing!

  2. I have an extra pound of Breakfast Blend if you want it. $500 plz.

  3. Hooray for babies! I have never bought Starbucks to brew at home... nor Dunkin Donuts! I love Eight O Clock!