Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

Ahh, my fave holiday is here! I love Thanksgiving. It is the "kick-off" for the season (and ends with my birthday, yay!). I'm also that corny nerd at dinner, who likes to go around the table and say what we're all thankful for this time of year...that request, however usually gets shot down by my family because I am the ultimate cheeseball and they, have no souls are not.

But I am thankful for a lot of things. I won't get ├╝ber sappy on ya'll, but I feel like I am one blessed kid. Sometimes, I am be-yond stressed with all the stuff going on, but one thing hubs and I always say to each other, is that we have a full life. And for that, we're pretty damn lucky.

Okay, enough with my corniness--I am ob-sessed with the "Keep Calm and..." posters. Yes, I do know that they were originally created during WWII for obvious reasons, but I still like em' now and since I'm on (another) pinterest kick, I thought I'd combine the two for the heck of it. Next year, I'd like to print and frame some these babies for around the house:

Source: Polkadotsonparade via NicholeC on pinterest

Since I am in charge of the pies and all....

Source: via NicholeC on pinterest

Anyone else like cranberry sauce or is just me? I only like the gross canned stuff, but whatev

Source: via NicholeC on pinterest

I actually did print this, but its sadly still sitting in its year, I plan to do better

Source: via NicholeC on pinterest

Okay, okay this last one is really just for Jason...figured he would appreciate 

Tomorrow, we'll head to the parentals to celebrate. J's side celebrates the Sunday before so that no one has to attempt two dinners in one day (smart people). It's our first Turkey Day as married folks and I'm totally o-kay with my momma cooking. I'll bring the pies, and help with clean up. That is just fine by me!

How are you spending your Turkey Day?

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll!

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