Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tubular Tuesdays Music Linkup #4 (2000s!)

I’m linking up again with the lovely Krystal and Jen for Tubular Tuesday’s (and I totally forgot last week when it was the 90’s, ughhh). Today’s decade is the 2000’s. Kinda weird to even say it like that, but there it is. I think this is the hardest one for me, because my late teens/early twenties is when I really started to get into music and going to tons of concerts; so a lot of these songs bring back all kinds of memories for me.


                                                              Train-Meet Virginia (2000)
Ah, still one of my all time fave songs. I also loved Rebecca Gayheart (hello, 90210) and she was "Virginia" in the music video.

                                                        J.LO-Waiting for Tonight (2000)

I loved to dance to this one. Actually, if I ever still hear it, it’s still pretty good

                             Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya & Pink-Lady Marmalade (2001)

Anyone know whatever happened to Mya?! Moulin Rouge was/is one of my all time favorite movies; Gitchy gitchy ya ya ya ya….

                                                Michelle Branch-All you wanted (2002)

                      The entire Something Corporate album, Leaving Through the Window (2002)
Omg, I still love this entire cd. My girlfriends and I (and KB!) used to play this cd repeatedly while driving to go out. Ah, I miss those days.

                                                             50 Cent-In da club (2003)

Judge away, kids. I still like this song, you know at "da club" when I'm shaking my rump...? Well, really just in my own living room, but whatev

                                         John Mayer-Your Body is a Wonderland (2003)
Oh, Johnny Boy. I fell in love with your music around this time and have seen you in concert more times than I remember, now.

                                        Sheryl Crow-The First Cut is the Deepest (2004)

                                                             Rihanna-SOS (2006)

Actually, anything Rihanna is always good to me.

                                                 The Fray-How to Save a Life (2006)

And so begins my love affair with this band… They have never played in Florida and yet I have driven to ATL and flown to Boston to see these guys ::sigh::

                                                       Rise Against-Ready to Fall (2006)

As I get older, I *do* see some of my music tastes change and I'm not really as into punk and heavier stuff like I used to be. But I seriously love these guys. Always will...They're political but not pushy and their stuff is just ah-mazing to me

                                           Miranda Lambert-Gunpowder and Lead (2007)

And so begins my love affair with country (Miranda was my "gateway" into this genre, lol)

                                                    Taylor Swift-Fearless album (2008)

Love me some TSwift…all of her albums

Okay, I could seriously go on and on, kids. But I’ll stop now.

Here are just a few honorable mentions as well:
OutKast-Hey Ya (2003)
Justin Timberlake-Rock Your Body AND Cry me a River (2003)
Anything Maroon 5 (2004)
Numb-Linkin Park (2005)
Green Day-Wake Me Up (when Spetember ends) (2005)
Ashlee Simpson-Boyfriend (2005)
Boston-Augustina (2007)
Rihanna-Umbrella (2007)
Michael Buble-Everything (2007)
Brad Paisely-Waitin' on a Woman (2007)

Link Up with these fab ladies and play along!



  1. I posted something about the fray on your fb! I loved Rihanna too but she grew to annoy me but now I like her again with her new song We Found Love. I'm adding it to my post next week!

  2. Love your choices! you picked some Augustana too! I saw them in concert and got a pic with the main singer. Such nice guys. Also also also!! So happy to see Something Corporate on a number of posts today in the linkup! they were definitely a favorite

  3. I picked The Fray also. I love them. Watching the Grey's video. It made me sad thinking of when it was actually good!I completely forgot Something Corporate. So pissy about that one! lol Great choices.

  4. wow these take me back! and makes me feel kinda old :) I love "Boyfriend" and "Cry Me a River"! Also Mya was on Dancing with the Stars a few seasons ago but other than that I don't know what she is up to!