Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hey December {12/17/13}

Is it seriously less than TEN days until Christmas?! I can't even believe. This weekend was a jumble of crazy fun Christmas shenanigans! I told myself a month ago, I was going to take lovely photos, and make a few party tutorials while planning our 3rd annual Ugly Sweater Party...but then, things were just way too busy. So you're getting the cliff notes version. My apologies!

Thursday, as you know, momma and I went to see the Radio City Rockettes at the Straz Center in downtown. If you're in Tampa, I suggest you splurge if you're able, and treat youself! It is a beautifl, festive time. GO.

Friday, the bestie and I did the Jingle Bell Run in St. Petersburg. We have done this 5k three or four times together, now {last time was in 2011}. I have always walked it. My best friend has lost over 65lbs {!!}, and is a runner these days, so while I was in agonizing pain for the 1st mile, the 2nd mile I walked a bit slower, and the pain subsided, and by mile three...I jogged! Three times. Did you think I was going to say I jogged the whole mile?! Sadly, no. But damnit, if I wasn't inspired to kick off the next decade in life I am about to approach and signed up for the Gasparilla 5k in February. I signed up as soon as I came home Friday, as to not over-think it. My goal is to finish in under 50 minutes. Now I have to train. I hate myself. ha ha.

Saturday, Jason and I hosted our third annual ugly sweater party! It was a blast! As I get older, our parties are less cray-zay, and more relaxed, but I think in a good way. I hope our guests agree!



$1 chalk labels and pen from Target dollar spot =


antipasto skewers


Oskar had a good time. clearly.

purchased here
contest winners!
Sunday, we went to my sister's new house for their first ever dessert "extravaganza"...it was a nice family time.

This week is another crammed one! We are off to Busch Gardens for Christmastown tomorrow, dinner with friends, a Lightning Game, work night with co-workers, a cookie exchange {I found a great recipe, I'll share with you soon!}, and "Christmas" with the in-laws. I'm exhausted. It could be worse. We could be tired for boring reasons. #fulllife.

How was your weekend?!
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  1. The party looked like a blast, love all the little details you made :-) That fox sweater is awesome!!! haha

  2. That party looks like a blast! :) Love the ugly sweater contest. :)

  3. YAY for ugly Christmas sweaters and the best party planner I know! My husband has to wear an ugly sweater to work on Friday, and I'm making his (since finding one in town is literally impossible). I'm pretty stoked about it.

  4. That picture of Oskar is too funny!! Is your dog drunk? Lol. Sounds like a lot of fun! Hopefully I will see you Saturday at Caroline's!

  5. Your party looks so fun and I am totally into anything called a dessert extravaganza, just saying!