Friday, December 20, 2013

What's in a Tree?

As an early Christmas gift, Jason bought "us" a Cannon Rebel. And by us I mean me, because it was all I talked about for months on end. So on a whim around 11p.m. on Thanksgiving night, we went to Target for a camera {and as an added bonus I found out, as I assume most of you did, that as many as 40 million Target customers may have had their cards compromised during this time. Never mind that I go to Tar-jay 3-4 times a week. I digress}.

We've been so busy, however that I haven't had a chance to play with our new camera as much as I'd like. Our snaps primarily consist of Gigi, Oskar, and our Christmas Tree. We lead an ever exciting life, folks.

I told Jason recently that someday, I would love a perfect tree that matched, and was themed. In a true Jason fashion he reminded me that our tree was beautiful because it was a hodge podge of our life together. I mean, how can I argue with his logic?

A few of my favorite mis-matched ornaments:

I have a thing for owls

...and sock monkeys {my great-grandmother hand-made each grandkid one}

Jason's fave Disney movie

Ugly Sweater ornament 

I came home last week, and Jason said to me, "find the new ornament I made"...we are so classy here at Casa de Crews.


...and because I couldn't help myself

What are some of your favorite ornaments?


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  1. The wrecking ball ornament is awesome!

    Our tree is a hodge podge of us, too. We started collecting them from everywhere we travel and I love the kissing Mr. and Mrs. Claus one my mom bought us when we got engaged in Vegas. We also have a great handpainted one from Rehoboth Beach that my FIL gave us a few years ago. They make me so happy!

  2. I need an ugly sweater ornament. Immediately.

  3. too cute! Miley seems to be making the rounds this Xmas - wonder if they even realized she'd be a memorable ornament when making the video ;P

  4. Love that you got a camera, sooo jealous! That wrecking ball orn .is classic :-)