Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Husbands DO listen

Last week, at about 11pm, when Jason was finally home from school, he found a disheveled, exhausted, and frustrated wife. My computer has been on the fritz and was freezing as I tried to finish a blog post. I was tired because by 11pm, I am done with life, and disheveled because I started to wash my face an hour before, but didn't remove my eye makeup, and my hair is always was a mess. Have I painted a lovely enough picture for you? So anyway, Jason comes home after a full day of work, and class for three hours and a 45 minute drive from said class to me, the hottest wife in all the land, right?

Was I pleasant and as happy to see him as the dogs were? Uh no. Sometimes I wonder why that guy sticks around, I tell ya. So he hands me an envelope, and I place it on the arm of the couch and continue to curse my laptop.

He makes himself a drink and says, "Well, I guess Gigi and I are going, without you", and having no idea what he is talking about, I look at Jason like he's crazy. He then snags the envelope I had no interest in looking at, and proceeds to opes. In that envelope I cared nothing about just minutes before contained two tickets to Michael Bublé!!

You see boys and girls {do boys read my blog? Probably not. I digress}, I may have nagged mentioned a time or thirty that I wanted to go to this concert, and while I could just have bought us the tickets myself, where is the fun in that. But then I actually forgot all about Michael Bublé and life went on.

Michael Bublé was the first concert Jason and I went to alone, without our friends, five or six years ago. It was such a great memory, and I remember that night Jason talked about marriage. It wasn't anything serious, but it was when I knew that things with this guy were going somewhere good, in fact way better than I could have ever expected. It was that fun and exciting talk that makes you wonder but not worry just yet about where its all headed. It really was  a lovely evening.

Not to mention, Everything, was our first dance as husband and wife.

Photo credit: Caroline & Evan Photography
So why didn't I just tell you, "Jason got us tickets"? Because there is a moral to this story, and that moral is: My husband listens to me, even when I think he doesn't. And even though more times than not, these days I am the above mentioned hot mess of a wife, he still loves me and surprises me with tickets to concerts. I'm one heck of a lucky girl. Sometimes it can be easy to forget the small things.


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  1. oh that's amazing- what a guy! by the way, i get so frustrated as well when computer things don't work! yesterday i couldn't get any pics to load for forever. have fun at the concert!!

  2. Aw I love this!! I love that you brag about your husband and tell GOOD stories rather than rip him a new one every other day on the blog like so many bloggers do. Have a GREAT time at that concert!!

  3. Aww how awesome, I think I am going to should be a great show! :-)

  4. Sweet sweet man! What a great surprise.