Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dating husband. Who did you think I was talking about?!

I started this site two years ago as a newlywed, and it is sort of all over the place, these days. But one thing I got away from was sharing more personal info about the Crews family. Which is somewhat ironic seeing as our site is called CASA de CREWS, right?!

Lately things have been hectic, busy, and exhausting. A huge part of this for me is my day job. I also try not to share much of that online, but it is a major part of my stress, and exhaustion. I'm working on that but for now it is what it is. I have admittedly been miserable, more days than not. And I get lonely with my husband gone so much. And he is tired for obvious reasons.

So when we spend quality time together, its not the most well, quality. So I did what any "normal" person in 2013 would do...I googled "dating my husband". Innovative, right? Ha ha.

Most suggestions I found mentioned going out to eat, or going to see a movie. Now while I find these to be good ideas for dates with your significant other, Jason and I, not having any children yet, already do these things quite regularly. I understand that when we have kids, we won't even have time for that; we used to babysit our niece and nephew almost every single weekend for 18 months, so I get that eating out sans kids may be your only option when you have bambinos.

But when we are together, we're both on our phones, or are exhausted. We have some seriously needy dogs, and some days they get more affection from us than we give each other {please tell me I am not alone on this?!}. As if you couldn't figure it out already, I am a tad emotionally needy of a wife, myself. So when Jason and I don't connect, I feel like there is something wrong. Of course that isn't always the case, but its how I feel at times.

So, I want to date the guy I married. Before we were married, things were less complicated. I think as people, we are always striving to better ourselves, but sometimes once you're married your goals tend to change or for me personally, I try to do it all at once and the older I get, the harder it is for me to relax. Its really not enjoyable at all. But if I were able to stop thinking, worrying, and planning all the time, I think I could enjoy the small things and time with my husband whom I rarely see as it is.

I also poised the question on my Facebook page, and was surprised by the comments, suggestions, and likes. So I guess I am not alone on this, like I maybe thought.

I haven't decided exactly how to share this. I think a weekly series about dating my husband would be too repetitive, so maybe it will be monthly or even bi-monthly, but regardless I plan to share.

Do you try and "date" your significant other?

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  1. Our dogs are needy and definitely get more affection and attention than we do some days. You are not alone!

    We don't date enough.

  2. Love this! I think it's good to get in the habit of dating our husbands NOW, before kids. After kids it's just as important, but maybe it won't be such a struggle if we're already in the habit ;)

  3. I really like this idea. I'm not married yet, but my fiancee and I are planning our wedding and are in the middle of a million DIY projects at our house. Our "dates" consist of trips to Home Depot haha. Thanks for the good advice and happy to be a new follower :)


  4. We try to think of fun date nights when I actually have a free night since both our work schedules are so crazy, you just have to make the time :-)

  5. I'd love to hear all about how your dating is going. We're always looking for new date ideas other than eating out and movies. Now that we have a kid, it's harder (but more important) than ever to find time alone together. Great idea!

  6. I definitely try to date my husband. Our day to day lives are so hectic thanks to the Army that we have to find special time.

  7. I would love to date John we just don't have the time. I know I need to make some. Looking forward to reading your series!

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