Monday, July 1, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend 06/28/2013

Happy 1st of July ::enter obligatory HOW is it July comment, here::

This weekend was another great one for the books!


Jason and I celebrated our sixth anniversary of meeting. We went back to Green Iguana {where we met} for a drink and split a burger--they were voted #1 burger in Tampa Bay in past years, and it did not disappoint! Sadly, the Green Iguana locale where we met closed a few years back. But we did find another one to reminisce at.

Flowers delivered to work, from my sweet husband

Then we came home for a couch date, but not before Oskar rolled around outside in duck shiz droppings and needed an immediate bath. Tres romantique, no? This is our life, folks.


It rained all day, on and off. Jason had to study. I napped with the pups and watched a movie {Safe Haven}, before grocery shopping for this coming week. Speaking of, don't forget to link up with Steph and I for our meal plan link-up, tomorrow. Grab our button, below!

day date with my Gigi girl. melts my heart.

Casa de Crews



Breakfast at home.

Mom and I attended our esthetician's birthday party. Mom is a hair dresser and works with the birthday girl; since she knows my mom, I get a 50% discount and take full advantage of said discount, often!

The birthday girl, Shirley Ann, turned EIGHTY. Eighty, ya'll. And threw herself a biker themed birthday party at a pool hall. She's a little eccentric nutty, but I love this lady to bits! I hope and pray that when I am her age, I am still working, functional and throwing myself crazy themed parties, too.

Antipasto Skewers I brought to the par-tay. Recipe, later this week!

terrible lighting, but here is my beautiful momma and yours truly.

Birthday Gal and I cheesing it up

Biker chick and her "tat"...

Then, home I came for meal prep, laundry and normal boring Sunday shenanigans.

How was your weekend?



  1. I freaking love antipasta skewers. I might do them for a party next weekend.

  2. haha love the biker themed birthday! Can't wait for the antipasti skewer recipe, they look awesome!

  3. Happy meeting anniversary! Umm...your esthetician (sp?) does NOT look 80. Looks like you had a fun weekend! You have a studying husband's the pits sometimes.

  4. Stopping by from Sami's linkup. Those skewers look AMAZING! Looks like you had a great anniversary weekend!

  5. The antipasto skewers look delish! Looking forward to reading the recipe. What a fun birthday celebration! The birthday girl looks amazing for her age. I def wanna be like her when I "grow up" :-)

  6. Dude...she doesn't look 80 at all and I'm right there with you - how is it July?! Those skewers are making me hungry, seriously!

  7. Those flowers look amazing and what a fun party! The skewers are adorable too and I bet very tasty :-)

  8. Ok the pic with your wedding ring and the doggy paw and the tat of the biker chick----TOO STINKIN' CUTE!
    Happy 6 years!