Sunday, June 30, 2013

Where am I?

So yes, the time has come for Google Reader to go away. I still don't really understand why it is going away, but it is. So, where can you find me?


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I'll be honest, I hadn't gone to Bloglovin' much, until today. I did see that you can now import from Google Reader, and that makes things a lot easier for me! Now, to remember to check in there, regularly.

Come find me!



  1. I'm so sad that google reader is going away! :-(

  2. i still don't get why it went away. makes no sense! but i'm following you and i hope you found me (shameless plug #I'mALoser ) :)

  3. I went to bloglovin but then found Feedly & I like it better but nothing beats the Google reader! Who's dumb idea was that anyway!? >:(

  4. I asked David and he said it was spring cleaning. Basically, they had their hands in too many pots so they are consolidating everything to become more manageable.

    I love Google Reader too. But oh well. It just means that you have to update on Google+ because I hate checking FB and I don't check it as often as I check Google+. =D

  5. I like Bloglovin'...when I actually go there. I love that I can have categories like right now I'm going through my "must" list that's filled with people I don't want to miss out on!