Friday, June 28, 2013


Six years ago {tomorrow} I was invited to a friend's after work birthday party/end of the week happy hour. Being one that doesn't like to go places alone, I almost didn't go.

I know I have told this story a time or twenty before, but it still amazes me how things worked out. Had I not gone, I wouldn't have met Jason.

I was actually invited to another party several months prior, and didn't go. If I would have went to that shindig, I would have met Jason, as he was there too. But I was still in a ridiculously dysfunctional on again/off again relationship of sorts and wouldn't have probably thought twice about the funny guy who adjusted claims at the same insurance company I worked at.

Tomorrow is almost as {if not more, in some instances} important and special to me as the day we were married.

To the guy who bought me a Jaegar bomb and then showed me the bill--not because he had spent $69.00 {and I thought he was trying to impress me}, but because the check was....69, and he thought it was funny like a fourteen year old boy. {Listen, I never said either of us had any classThank you for finding me.

THE night. 2007.

Some of the "crew", that was there the night we met 6/29/2007. And at our wedding 4/9/2011

When Jason called me two days later, I knew he was into me, and I rejected his call. I was a Grade A snob and thought I was just so.much.better. and also, I was into games.  It's all I knew....and as a game player, you never answer the first time...I was also twenty-three, so what the Hell did I actually know about anything?! But I digress.

Tampa Bay Lightning draft party, 2007.

This boy...we have grown up together, fought hard, loved harder and made a life for ourselves. We're a family. Not every day is bliss, but even on our worst days, our life together is pretty darn spectacular and lovely and more than I ever wanted, could have expected, and/or even dreamed off.

Disney World, 2008.

Thank you for finding me Jason Wayne. I have NO clue where I would be in life without you.

Better is the day standing by your side,


  1. What a sweet post Nichole!! Here's to many more happy years together:)

    1. Thanks, Megan! And congrats again on your engagement!

  2. That's very cool how many times your paths could have crossed (at the other party you were invited to had you gone, at work, etc.). The universe really wanted you two to end up together!

  3. That's sweet. And yes, marriage isn't all easy-peesy. But you get through things together with that commitment and it's worth it when you are with your best friend. :)

  4. How sweet! I love a good love story. The near misses, the chase, the memories. :)

  5. Love this post so much. Marriage and relationships are not easy but when you're with the right person it's worth it. Happy anniversary! Great story.

  6. Such a cute post! Happy 6 years girl :-)

  7. Aww, such a great love story!! Congrats on 6 years of love and happiness!

  8. this is so sweet! I love reminiscing about things like this too. It's crazy to think if one little thing happened differently that night, you guys might not be where you are today. so glad it all worked out the way it did though!

    - Val @

  9. Awe! I loved this. It's amazing how life just sort of happens...especially when we aren't expecting it. Awesome love story!