Monday, July 8, 2013

...because freedom isn't free

Don't you just wish long weekends lasted...forever? I do.

This last week, while I did have to go in to work, I still had loads going on, and thankfully it wasn't too busy.

So let's recap, with some poor quality cell phone photos, shall we?

Last Tuesday:

Girls' night at Simply Art! I always think I will have fun at these, but I stress so much during the process. This art studio offers floral arrangements, and jewelry design classes as well, and I think one of them is next on my list {If you're local, check them out, here}.


Saw The Heat. I had low expectations, but it turned out to be really funny!


4th of July shenanigan's with the family. Sadly, I was solo as Jason is in super study mode, until the end of the month. I brought margarita makings, antipasto skewers, and my appetite. And while it is late, thank YOU to all the men and women that serve and protect our country, so that I can eat, drink and be merry on such a day with my family. Sister brought Cards Against Humanity.


The bestie and I both won a House Party prize pack with a ton of Redd's goodies. You know that means we threw a joint party, Saturday! More details on that, this week.


brie and mushroom omelet

Brunch with the family. Cleaning the pad from top to bottom. Including EIGHTEEN bottles of dressing. We have issues, ya'll.

Today, my brother, the baby of the family, is TWENTY-ONE! Kid towers over me in height, but he'll always be my "little" bro-bro.
Proud big sissy. Big hair and all. #1992

I am hoping for some good professional news, so please say a little prayer for yours truly. ;-)


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  1. I love how your painting came out, need to see The Heat & go buy some Redd's apple yum delish! Can't wait for Thursday girl :-)

  2. Those skewers look amazing!! I'm starving right now, too...haha.

    It's always weird when "little" siblings get old. My little sister has been taller than me for years, and she's turning 28 in November. WEIRD.

  3. Laughing at all of your dressing bottles; my fridge is the EXACT same way! Somehow every time I'm at the grocery store, I can't seem to remember if I have any decent salad dressing...

  4. those skewers look amazing!!
    and keeping my fingers crossed for your professional news!

  5. I have to go see The Heat now. I keep hearing how funny it is. I love Melissa McCarthy!

    Oooo an omelet with brie? I would be in breakfast heaven ;-)

  6. I NEED that antipasto in my life!!! For real! :-P
    That is quite the stash of dressings, ma'

  7. We just saw the Heat too! I wasn't really dying to see it, but it turned out to be hilarious!

    Glad you had a good long weekend :-)

    - Val @

  8. Anything with brie, I automatically love.

    The Heat is on my list!