Monday, June 3, 2013

Just {another} Manic Monday

This past weekend was glorious, ya'll. As in I was productive and somehow LAZY all at the same time.

Friday, I worked a half day {holla!} to see our oldest niece graduate pre-k; it was so adorable. Jason just started a new job Thursday, so he couldn't come with, and I was representing the Crews' fam, solo. womp womp. Seeing all those little munchkins in their caps and gowns did not help my ever growing baby fever.

{over it}

Friday after work, I met J for an impromptu happy hour. We had other plans, but apparently having them fall through was what we needed, since we were passed out by 10pm. womp womp. 
We're so awesome, you only wish you could be like us. 

@Barley's Billards

Saturday, I caught a virus on my laptop and spent HOURS trying to fix it. It was seriously a royal pain my keister. I did at least get a new template for my blog out of it. And while I sat and cried fixed my computer, I watched a few movies on Netflix while Jason studied.

We did finally leave the house for dinner at Burger 21. I have ten dollars to spend each month for free after winning a contest with Yelp. And thanks to the downpour we had in Tampa, our other plans to meet up with friends and my sister were ruined. So back to Casa de Crews we went with a Redbox rental for $1.28.

Cheesy Burger and a side of sweet potato fries

Sunday, the usual meal planning, laundry, and boring weekend tasks were completed. I'll be sharing my weekly meal plan, tomorrow with Steph so make sure to check back and link up with us!

How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Nathan has PreK graduation too. The kids look so adorable in their cap and gowns!

  2. Funnily enough I actually watched What to Expect over the weekend too! David was out of town so I allowed myself a chick flick. It was better than what I expected so I put it at average. Did some shopping as well. There are some perks to being left alone for a weekend =D

    1. Agreed! Sometimes alone time is great.

  3. What a fun and relaxing weekend. Man, they didn't have kinder graduation when I was a kid. I feel jipped!ha

  4. Sometimes plans falling through is seriously my greatest joy because I enjoy being lame and still.

  5. We had a pre-k graduation at our venue last week and the kids were all so cute!!!

  6. weekends that are a combination of lazy and productive are the best!

    - Val @

    1. Agreed! Now if only it could have been another three day :)