Wednesday, March 27, 2013

That time my husband went to the eye doc {six years LATER}

I love my husband, I swear it. He is one of the smartest people I know and also, funniest.
Sometimes you’ll hear {er, read?} me talk that guy up and talk about my love for him.

Today is not one of those days.

My usually very smart dude had not gone to they eye doctor in six-ish years. You read
that right, SIX years.

A year or so ago, his eyes started to really, really bother him. He did not go to the eye
doctor until, Monday. As in two days ago.

Turns out he has a corneal ulcer and can no longer wear contacts, ever again. That’s all
we really know at the moment until he can see a specialist next week. I am asking for any
and all prayers, well wishes and good vibes ya’ll can send this way that he won’t need
surgery of any kind.

Monday, we spent our night at a Lens Crafters getting new glasses for Jason. I’ll be
honest and say that I had never been to a Lens Crafters, Vision Works, etc and didn’t
know what to expect. I must say they were freaking awesome! Jason had his old glasses
{from six years ago!!!} and they read his prescription and got him a new pair of glasses,
no questions asked or eye exam, required, which he couldn’t take anyways, because of
his eye and he needs the ulcer thing {whatever it is}, to go down first.

You know I made him "model" various pairs of glasses and approve before we
ordered, right?

Two hours later and $275 gone, but my husband can see once more. Too bad these are
temporary glasses until he has a legit eye exam again. WOMP WOMP.

winner, winner

Lesson of the day: do not wait six years to see your eye doctor.


  1. OMG girl I am so sorry to hear this! Hope everything works out ok!

  2. I think something's going on with Blogger...this didn't show up in my reader, either!

    Anyway, your poor husband. And your poor wallet. Eye doctor expenses are the worst!! I hope his eyes are okay!

    I can't see those pictures. :(

  3. ahh how scary! poor guy. I hope he doesn't need any type of surgery!

    - Val @

  4. Keeping Mr. Crews and his eyes in my prayers!

  5. I feel so bad for Jason. This has to be really scary for him. Although I didn't avoid the eye dr. for 6 years, I abused my eyes by sleeping in contacts for months at a time. FFw to 1+ years ago and I was told I shouldn't wear contacts and that is when I got Lasik. Hopefully Jason gets cleared for it and if so, I can tell him all about the ups and downs of the surgery (once you heal, it's all ups).

  6. 6 years?!? John and I have such bad sight we have to go every year. And when it's time for his next pair of glasses just get the prescription and order them online. My glasses were only like $75. And that's with special upgraded lenses.