Monday, March 4, 2013


Mondays, blow. That is all...

The weekend was good. Friday night, some local Tampa Bay Blogger Gals and I met up at Miguel's for ah-mazing margaritas, food and conversation. Initially, there were fifteen of us going, then ten, but total head count was seven. It's okay, we still had a good time.

No real group photos, because well it was packed and we were sort of crammed in and it would have been hard for us to get a group shot...But rest assured Asha got a bathroom pic of some of us {I teased her for taking photos in the bathroom, but really I do like this photo of us}.

Saturday morning, we were up early to walk one mile and raise money for the Tampa Bay Humane Society. We ended up raising $105.00 total. Besides the fact that it was uncharacteristically cold and neither dog would stay still for me to take a photo, we had a nice time. Until we had to pick up Oskar halfway though the walk. His paws were done. Seriously, we love our old man dog and it was great to see so many others out participating, too.

{obstacle course that my pups wouldn't dare attempt!}

{my pretty Gigi, supporting her brother, Oskar}

{tapping out half way in}
Saturday night, I started a love affair with this guy.

I finally caved and bought GS cookies for the first time in years outside Publix. Those girls are more like crack dealers luring you in with their thin mints and samoas (here, have a taste!) instead of sweet innocent lil' girls.
{cookie "dealing" 101}
Sunday, I caught up with my pal, April, at Acropolis in Ybor. I never take selfies and I never wear scarves but well, I tried something new...

I love Greek food and somehow had never been to one of their locations! I reviewed my lunch on Yelp. It was decent, but sadly I have had better. Though a giant piece of feta and catching up with my friend made all right in the world.

Sunday night was the boring typical "adult" stuff {cleaning, meal planning, etc} and making baked ziti for the week {recipe, here}, but I did finish that cupcake wine and get to have a couch date with Jason ;-)

Back to reality, today. How was your weekend?

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  1. Margaritas are the best, no matter how many people show up :)

  2. YUM! All that food looks amazing!

  3. I love your scarf! And that giant piece of feta :)

  4. sounds like a great weekend! I wish I was able to pick up Sadie when she decides she doesn't want to walk anymore... 70 pounds of squirmy fur isn't a walkers dream. ;) and I love the scarf!

    1. Haha, I never thought about that! we're lucky we have little dogs :)

  5. You look great in a scarf! I went to Acropolis for my 30th birthday in November. I really enjoyed the food. However, I didn't really eat much.

  6. Had so much fun on Friday night with you girls!!! Love that scarf too super cute :-)

  7. I love those thin mints! Haha!