Monday, February 25, 2013

Ghetto Fab-u-lous.

Neither Jason nor I are very confrontational people, but last week after a great time tailgating before the Zac Brown Band concert at the Live Nation Ampitheatre, seeing ZBB live and then heading to Taco Bus for obligatory well, tacos, after a night of fun, the evening should have just been a good time all around.


Our friend's husband was driving and on the way out of the Ampitheatre, some D-bag cut us off and almost hit us. After leaving and getting on the interstate, the same jerk was heading the same way we were. Our friend driving was in the correct lane {only one way to turn: right} and this guy starts beeping at us!! Then once we exit to a main road, jerk almost hits us! Rolls down his window and says we cut him off and were in the left turn lane {dude, there was NO left turn lane}.

So after scaring the shizz out of us all, we turn into the infamous Taco Bus. We're still reeling from the whole thing and some people we don't know, know exactly who we are talking about and say that this guy is their friend and he is drunk {real nice, glad you're on the road}.

Low and behold this guy was also going to Taco Bus for grub after the show. Jason, my usually very calm hubby, looks like he wants to start something. The guy starts yelling and then so does Jason {I'm not only mortified but a little scared because this guy seriously almost hit us just minutes earlier} and I'm telling Jason to just leave it alone, this guy is drunk, etc. Then because the guy literally says, he could break Jason's neck {dude, I just wanted some nachos}, I start yelling at him! Whaaaa? I literally said, "It's over. Leave us alone. Go get a taco". And his friends and he walk away. THEN his wife comes over and starts ghetto swaying with her head {don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about} and looks at me. I said, "that's my husband" and ghetto fab tells me the other guy was hers and starts yelling in Spanish at me. My {very classy} reply, "No habla Espanol" and she says, "you don't speak anything"...seriously, B?

Sooo after telling my husband to keep his cool, I get all crazy on people. I guess the lesson is, don't go messin' with my man {evidently, I'll shank someone over it}.

Jason is still laughing because he has never seen me like that! His told me on the way home, "She's still Nikki from the block", hahaha.

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  1. lolz dem peeps were crazy. It was my texts ealier that day foreshadowing what was to come!

  2. If he was drunk, I would have totally called the cops on him since he was DRIVING.

    My boyfriend is the calm one in most situations so I'd be the one he'd have to hold back haha!

    I'm glad everything turned down ok for the most part. Be careful! There are a lot of crazies out there.

  3. I would have lost my mind! when I hear of people driving drunk, I can literally feel the rage boil up inside me. Ugh!

    - Val @

  4. Haha that is too funny, go get a taco LOL!!!! Seriously some people :-/

  5. "No habla Espanol" hahahahaha! Nice.