Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oskar {a request}

Friends, Jason & I are participating next week in the Tampa Bay Humane Society's Bark in the Park walk to raise money for their organization.

Last September, we adopted Oskar and he is now a huge part of our family.

Here is our story about beloved pooch...

Labor Day Weekend 2012, we were looking for a pal for our first dog, Gigi. Not necessarily expecting to find a new dog and/or not knowing what kind of dog we expected to find, we went to the Tampa Bay Humane Society to see what they had available.

Gigi, is a very friendly dog, but a tad nervous and definitely an alpha, and so when she "meets" new dogs, her bark scares some because she appears aggressive (at twelve pounds, I promise she is just sassy, not a meanie!) and I was nervous as to how another dog would react towards her.

Then we met "Stitch", this guy was quiet in his cage and not very hyper. We waited at least an hour to have Gigi and Stitch meet one another. The adoption counselor we met, informed us Stitch had recently had an eye surgery because he had a condition called "cherry eye" but was good to go. She also advised us that they didn't know much about Stitch, except that he had come from a kill shelter in Leon County after being there for thirty days. He had also been at the TBHS for thirty days (so at least sixty days alone between the two shelters).

Gigi & Stitch got along instantly! We were so relieved and happy to see that Gigi didn't even bark at Stitch! My husband is not one who likes to make rash decisions and I really didn't know if we'd be taking Stitch home with us or not.
But we did. And Stitch was renamed Oskar (which he answered to right away, whereas Stitch didn't seem to stick for him). It has been an adjustment and Oskar is way more calm compared to his crazy hyper "sister", Gigi. After a few weeks, my husband said, "maybe Oskar wasn't the right fit for us, but we were the right fit for him". Over time though, I think we agree that we were meant to adopt Oskar and he was the right fit for us, too.

Had the TBHS NOT taken Oskar, he probably would not be here today with us, and making our hearts so full. We LOVE Oskar and he is a part of our family forever.

Anything helps! If you'd like to donate, please do so here.

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  1. ahh oskar, what a sweet dog!! i love that you adopted a dog and made it your forever home, i am all about adopting dogs, we have an adoptive one! we are her third home but we are her forever home!