Tuesday, February 26, 2013

There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind...

Yes, I am quoting Zac Brown Band. This past weekend, I started my three day weekend with a bang! Not only was it National Margarita Day BUT ALSO, Zac Brown Band Day {what, you don't name your days when something fun is going on? Psssh}.

{Trying to drink wisely and still be festive}
...until I had a glass of Lane's Beer Margarita; seriously the best E.V.E.R

Jason & I met up with friends to tailgate with said margaritas. I feel like it had been for-ever since I had been to a concert.

{Lane and I before heading in to scrounge for lawn seats}
{Sorry, ladies. He's allll mine. {he makes this stupid photo in most pics ::sigh::}}
 After a crazy fun night {and the "incident" afterward at Taco Bus}, Jason and I were a little...tired {read: slightly hungover? Neither of us even drank that much; can't hang like we used to, folks} and basically did nothing all day. It was glorious. And necessary.

Thanks to a contaminated water mishap, here in Tampa {and last week the power went out for four hours, I believe the apocalypse may just be coming}, I didn't really want to go to eat anywhere and then realized we had a twenty-five dollar gift card to Flamestone Grill in Oldsmar {where they did not have a boil water alert in place; win-win} and we ate there for dinner {and maybe, just maybe I ate the leftovers for breakfast Sunday. Don't you judge me}.

{skirt steak with chimichurri sauce}
{...this would be red velvet doughnut bread pudding. For the love of God and all that is holy...ah-maze}

Sunday was spent meal planning, spending time with the parentals, and getting a mani/pedi with my sister.

{OPI's "Don't know...beets me"}
I feel like we have a lot of ish coming up in the coming weeks, and so I was glad to have a fun and also relaxing weekend before we lose our free time, again.

Make it a good week!
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  1. How fun! My hubby and I had tickets to go to that concert but last minute my BIL got sick, so we decided to sell our tickets.

    It's crazy because two other bloggers I know went to that same concert. How neat it would have been to meet all of y'all! :)

  2. this sounds like an awesome weekend! Zac Brown Band and margaritas alone = perfection :-) I love your manicure color too.

    - Val @ KnotTiedDown.com

  3. That food all look so good, love the pink nails & you look amazing! Can't wait to see you on Friday finallllly for some ritas ;-)

  4. That dessert looks amazing! Sounds like a great weekend :)

  5. Looks like it was a great weekend! Those food pictures are making me hungry!

  6. Love that color! And leftovers for breakfast are always a good call (although I may be the only person who doesn't like cold pizza...).